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January 2014 Archives

GOP to release principles, moving immigration reform debate forward

As many in the Los Angeles immigration community know, the fight for a new path to citizenship has been at a stalemate for what many consider to be far too long. However, the recent nation-wide show of support may have given the issue the prompting that it needs to be set into motion again.

Cultural celebration signals renewed push for immigration law change

Many who live in Riverside are likely aware of the support for immigration law changes that a large percent of California’s population has. In fact, many potentially support this reform as well and could even have relatives or friends directly impacted by this battle. This is what has driven many people to show their support, including large organizations like the national church.

Ducks help immigration activists make a point in D.C.

For those who live in Riverside and have ties to the immigration community, the demonstrations involving new paths to U.S. citizenship are likely the talk of the town. In an effort to bring the attention of both allies and opposition alike to immigration issues, activists are working in new and innovative ways together.

Immigrants seek shelter in churches

Some citizens of Riverside are likely well aware that the battle for immigration reform leading up to an easier path for U.S. citizenship is currently raging. However, there is also a battle against deportation which is currently heating up that might need a little more attention due to the effects that it could have on the changing tide of Congress opinion on immigration law reform.

Immigrant youth urged to take advantage of DACA

Those in Riverside who are aware of the continued issues with U.S. immigration law may also be aware of the collective attempts to change things for the benefit of immigrants. Immigrant families and children are feeling a lot of pressure lately, but they are also being used to bolster the immigration cause.

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