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Temecula Immigration Lawyer

Immigration issues are complicated, difficult to navigate, and often very time-consuming. If you have an immigration issue in Temecula or the nearby communities, you want to have an experienced and dedicated immigration attorney by your side. Residency and immigration issues can cause immense stress to those who are simply trying to live with their family or go to work. Immigration laws are constantly shifting, making it hard for individuals and families to follow the requirements before living in the U.S. and after they’ve moved. Working with an attorney lessens some of the stress and confusion and lets you feel more confident that the process of applying for a visa, green card, residency, or citizenship is being completed properly.

U.S. Law Center: Immigrations Attorneys Proud to Serve Temecula

When you’re in need of a qualified attorney to walk you through any immigration issue you have, U.S. Law Center is committed to helping you through your case. Our firm has vast experience across different immigration cases, both civil and criminal. We have experience with asylum cases, defending individuals against deportation, status adjustment, citizenship applications, and numerous other immigration cases.

We have worked with many individuals and families and know how strenuous and hard immigration issues can be. We want to bring you the compassionate and understanding support and care you need to achieve the ideal outcome for your immigration case. We want to help you achieve your goals, whether that is to explore employment opportunities, reunite with family, or begin a new life somewhere safer. Our attorneys use our years of experience with immigration law in pursuit of your unique needs.

Immigration Law Issues We Have Experience With

At U.S. Law Center, our attorneys provide dedicated legal support across many areas of immigration law, including:

  • Immigration adjustment of status. An attorney can help you change your immigration status, including changing a non-immigrant status to immigrant status, renewing a visa, or applying for permanent residency.
  • Seeking asylum and refugee status. Individuals and families can apply for asylum in the U.S. by proving a well-founded danger or fear of persecution. Our attorneys can help you prove this and apply for refugee status, working quickly to avoid the potential for deportation.
  • Deferred Entry of Dreamers (DACA). DACA applies to those who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children but have established their entire lives in this country. We can help individuals apply for DACA, which provides opportunities including driver’s licenses, work permits, and potential future citizenship.
  • Deportation and removal defense. You may be facing deportation or removal because of illegal entry, visa expiration, or criminal charges. Deportation proceedings can upheave the entire life you’ve created, and many people are unsure what they can do. Our attorneys at U.S. Law Center want to help you create a defense and lay out the legal options you have.
  • Criminal investigation. If you’re facing criminal charges or a conviction, you may also be facing deportation. An experienced attorney can help protect your rights and determine your next steps.
  • Appeals. If your request for a visa, green card, or citizenship application was denied, you are not out of options. Our attorneys can help you file an appeal and work out your other legal options.

In addition to our physical office locations, we offer online services for those who need them. If you are facing an immigration issue, let our Temecula attorneys guide you through the situation.

Types of Residencies Available in the U.S. for Foreign Citizens

You may live in the U.S. and wish to change your immigrant status, or you may want to move to the U.S. To begin either of these processes, you have to decide what residency status you want to achieve or are eligible for. Different residencies can be temporary or permanent and have varying requirements for application. The main residency statuses are:

  1. Visas: There are several types of visas, including employment, student, and family visas. These enable individuals to pursue work, schooling, or spend time with family for a set period of time. Visas generally expire when schooling or work has ended or when passports need renewal.
  2. Green Cards: For those who want permanent legal residency in the U.S., the first step is a green card. Green cards can be employment-based, marriage-based, or family-based. A green card allows an individual to permanently live and work in the U.S., and in most cases, must be renewed every ten years.
  3. Refugee Status: Asylum and refugee status are provided to those fleeing danger, persecution, or fear of persecution in their home country. Refugee status allows individuals to live indefinitely in the U.S. and could allow for a green card.
  4. Citizenship: When someone has had a green card for a certain period of time, they can apply for U.S. citizenship and permanent residency. Becoming a U.S. citizen provides individuals with further rights and benefits, including the right to vote.

The attorneys at U.S. Law Center can help you determine what options you are eligible for and what fits your needs.

The Benefits of a Temecula Immigration Lawyer

A legal representative makes the immigration process less stressful and ensures that your rights are protected throughout the process. If agencies use illegal tactics in your case, we can investigate and protect your rights. Illegal actions are also less likely when agencies know you are being represented by an attorney.

Your attorney can help you along each step of your immigration issue, whether you are altering your immigration status, applying for citizenship, or defending yourself against deportation. Simple mistakes in an application could result in the denial of your application and require you to restart the process. An attorney can catch these mistakes and help you get through the system more quickly. An attorney has significant knowledge of and experience with immigration law, as well as experience with the agencies and people who may be reviewing your case. They will be able to provide you with full support in reviewing applications or defending you in court.

Immigration Lawyers FAQs:

Q: How Much Is a U.S. Immigration Lawyer Consultation?

A: A consultation with an immigration attorney is likely to range between $75 and $150, although it may be more. You always want to talk with an attorney prior to hiring them. This will ensure that you feel comfortable with them and confident in their experience and knowledge so that you can trust them with your immigration case. It also enables you to determine their fee structure prior to hiring them. Some immigration lawyers may charge a flat fee, while others have an hourly cost. The costs will differ based on the attorney’s experience level and the complexity of your case, among other factors.

Q: Should I Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

A: Although not every immigration case requires legal support to reach a positive conclusion, it can be difficult to predict whether your immigration case is going to be complex. If you are facing potential deportation or removal, an attorney is essential to protecting your rights and building a strong defense. An experienced lawyer will be aware of the state, federal, and local laws that apply to your situation and can help you navigate filing and eligibility requirements.

Q: What Should I Ask a Lawyer About a K1 Visa?

A: A K-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that enables a non-citizen who is engaged to a U.S. citizen to enter the U.S. to marry their fiancé. Then, they can apply for a temporary green card and, finally, a permanent residency. Some essential questions may include:

  • Who is eligible for a K-1 visa?
  • How long does it take to apply for and process a K-1 visa?
  • How long does a K-1 visa last?
  • Can a non-citizen fiancé’s children enter on a visa?
  • Why would a K-1 visa be denied?
  • Will either spouse’s criminal record impact a non-citizen’s ability to obtain a K-1 visa?

Q: How Long Is the Waiting Period for a Green Card?

A: The waiting period to receive and process a green card depends on several factors, including the type of green card, where the processing office is located, and if there are yearly quota caps. Some green cards have no processing period, while others may take as long as ten years. The general timelines for each type of green card are:

  • Family-Based Green Card: 6 months to several years, and up to 10 years
  • Marriage-Based Green Card: 10 to 17 months for marriage to a U.S. citizen, and 2 to 4 years for marriage to a permanent resident
  • Employment-Based Green Card: 1 to 6 years
  • Returning Resident Immigrant Visa: No processing time

U.S. Law Center: Your Temecula Immigration Attorneys

You don’t have to deal with the immigration system by yourself. This may be a new situation for you and your family, but the attorneys with U.S. Law Center have worked for years on many immigration cases. We understand how to deal with complex cases and work hard to bring you the individualized care you need. Whether you need help with stressful situations like deportation proceedings or need to be guided through applications, our attorneys are here to help. Contact our firm today to see how we can help you with your immigration issue.

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