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If you are facing an abusive environment at home in Riverside and are afraid of taking action due to the implications that it could have on your immigration status, you may be entitled to protections under VAWA. VAWA allows individuals with a marriage green card tied to an abuser to apply for a green card without the knowledge or consent of their abuser. A Riverside VAWA lawyer can work to understand your case and help you decide whether VAWA is an optimal immigration pathway for you.

The dedicated immigration team at U.S. Law Center has decades of combined experience working to protect the rights and interests of individuals despite their immigration status. We employ a client-centered approach, working to understand a client’s story and actively addressing their questions and concerns. When you work with a VAWA lawyer from our team, we can help you design an optimal legal strategy that protects your rights and interests.

What Is the Violence Against Women Act?

The Violence Against Women Act was passed by Congress in 1994 and has since been updated and reauthorized multiple times. While VAWA is a comprehensive piece of legislation that generally seeks to combat and curtail sexual assault and domestic violence in the United States, there are certain protections it provides to immigrants in abusive situations.

Because a family-based green card application must be controlled by a sponsor who is a close relative, such as a spouse, child, or parent, this can lead to abusive power dynamics. Under VAWA, victims who are reliant on their abusive family members for their immigration status can bypass the abuser, ultimately filing a self-petition on their behalf. Victims of abusive parents, children, and spouses may all qualify if they meet certain requirements.

A dedicated and skilled VAWA lawyer can analyze your domestic violence situation in Riverside, deterring your eligibility and helping you pursue permanent residency under VAWA in a secure manner.

How Can I File a VAWA Petition in Riverside, CA?

If you believe that you may be eligible for a VAWA self-petitions, it is generally advised to get support from an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who can help you navigate the process. They will help you fill out a Form I-360, which can be used for multiple types of immigration applications, therefore making the process more complex.

In addition, a dedicated VAWA lawyer from U.S. Law Center can help you file the other supporting forms that you will need. They can help you collect corroborating statements, such as those proving instances of abuse that you may have explained to your mental health advocate or counselor.

A key factor in winning your case is the personal statement, which must be written and signed by you and attached to your application. An experienced and compassionate attorney in Riverside can help you tell your story clearly and powerfully to USCIS through your personal statement. In this statement, you can also explain how your case is eligible under VAWA.

Furthermore, a dedicated lawyer can help you collect and submit key supporting evidence to prove your bona fide relationship and the instances of abuse, including artifacts such as photos, videos, logs of instances, police reports, medical reports, and restraining orders.


Q: How Long Does VAWA Take to Get Approved?

A: The amount of time a VAWA application takes to get approved depends on a variety of factors, including the current pending applications in the system, the resources available at United States Customs and Immigration Services, and the complexity of your case.

It often takes a frustratingly long time to get an answer on your application. However, applicants are permitted to work and travel in the meantime under certain circumstances. A skilled and compassionate lawyer can help you understand what your wait time might realistically look like.

Q: Does VAWA Require an Interview?

A: For the VAWA self-petition process, there is no interview with United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS). USCIS will only review your written statement and the supporting evidence in your application, meaning that it is pertinent to submit a strong application with clear and substantial evidence of your abuse and your relationship with your abuser, who was a US citizen or legal resident.

A skilled Riverside immigration lawyer can help you understand what the self-petitioning process will entail.

Q: Do Men Qualify for a Green Card Under VAWA?

A: The Violence Against Women Act, or VAWA, provides protections to immigrants who faced extreme abuse or battering by a US citizen or resident whom they have a qualifying relationship with, lived with, and was sponsoring them, regardless of the sex of the victim.

VAWA protections also extend to same-sex relationships under federal law. If you are unsure about whether you are eligible to file for benefits under VAWA, a skilled and experienced attorney can evaluate your eligibility and help you understand your options.

Q: What Do I Get if My VAWA Self-Petition Is Approved in Riverside, CA?

A: If your VAWA self-petition is approved, you may be eligible for a variety of benefits under state and federal law, depending on your situation. After self-petition approval, accepted applicants can get an “Employment Authorization Document,” which gives them eligibility to work.

They will also be granted lawful permanent residence, which comes with a potential pathway to citizenship. A local Riverside VAWA attorney can help you determine the benefits you may be eligible for in your state and region after an acceptance.

Securing Your Safety and Right to Immigration with a Riverside VAWA Lawyer

While a domestic violence situation can be devastating, with long-term physical and mental repercussions, there are steps you can take to secure your rights under the law and ensure your ability to live and work in the United States.

A dedicated Riverside VAWA lawyer from U.S. Law Center is here to lend a compassionate ear, understand your case details, and help you move forward with an optimal legal strategy to hold your abuser accountable and secure permanent residency. Contact a lawyer from our team today to learn whether protection under VAWA in Riverside could be a viable option for you.

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