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Fontana, California, has a strong economy and diverse culture made up of generations of immigrants from all over the world. Even now, people are still keen to move from all corners of the Earth to start their lives. Whether you are looking to expand your career or are fleeing war and persecution, a dedicated Fontana immigration lawyer from U.S. Law Center can help get you the legal support you need.

The Fontana immigration law team at U.S. Law Center has been working hard to represent foreign nationals who are trying to make a better life for themselves in Fontana, California. We have critical, relevant knowledge and years of experience to help you reach your immigration-related goals. When you work with our legal team, you can rest assured that your immigration case is in good hands.

Legal Immigration Services Offered at U.S. Law Center

At U.S. Law Center, our legal team is proud that our everyday work is contributing to helping build a more diverse and vibrant community in Fontana, California. We offer a variety of services to our clients, ranging from employment-based immigration to assistance with the naturalization process. The services that are available at our firm include the following:

  • Removal Defense. If you are facing a deportation order, or your immigration status or presence in the country is under threat, our dedicated legal team can analyze your case and leverage your options to protect your rights and work to keep you in Fontana legally. We can give you strong representation in immigration court, making sure that your rights are fully exercised.
  • Family-Based Immigration. Family-based immigration is the most commonly used legal pathway to work toward long-term legal residence and, eventually, citizenship in the United States. Our firm is proud to help with family reunification issues, assist with family-based visa petitions, and help with other family-related immigration processes.
  • Employment-Based Immigration. The type of employment-based immigration route that an individual may take is dependent on several factors, including the skills, education, and experience that they have, as well as the nature of their work. Our firm can help you secure non-immigrant work visas, such as H-1B and L-1 visas, as well as employment-based immigration visas.
  • Asylum-Based Immigration. Individuals who are already in the United States and have fled persecution, war, or other dire circumstances in their country of origin can initiate the asylum process in order to legalize their presence in the country. Our compassionate legal team can provide you with the emotional and legal support you need to carry out the process of asking for asylum.
  • Corporate Immigration Compliance. The legal team at U.S. Law Center can assist businesses and corporations in Fontana who are trying to hire foreign nationals to strengthen and diversify their workforce. We can make sure that you are in legal compliance with immigration laws by employing key strategies, such as carrying out regular audits.
  • Immigration Status Adjustment. If you have just arrived in Fontana or are living in Fontana on an immigrant visa and are looking to apply for a green card, then an experienced U.S. Law Center legal professional can assist you with carrying out the process.
  • Application for Citizenship. Securing U.S. citizenship is an important milestone for individuals in the immigration process. The immigration attorneys at U.S. Law Center can help assess your eligibility, help you meet certain requirements, file your application, and walk you through the naturalization process.

Whether you are new in the immigration process and would like to come to live in Fontana or are further along in the process and are ready to apply for citizenship, the experienced legal team at U.S. Law Center is at your disposal for your immigration law-related needs.

Requirements For Initiating the U.S. Naturalization Process

While starting the naturalization process can be an exciting milestone for foreign nationals in Fontana, CA, on their immigration journey, it can also be stressful and intimidating due to the strict requirements, associated wait times, and large fees. However, by having an experienced lawyer, individuals can simplify and ease the process. The following requirements for starting the U.S. naturalization process include:

  • Age Requirement. All individuals filing an N-400 application to become a U.S. citizen must be 18 years or older at the time of filing.
  • Continuous Residence. Depending on your case circumstances, the time that you are required to be a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. before applying for citizenship can vary.
  • Time Physically Present. As a criterion for naturalization, you cannot be outside of the country for a long period of time. If so, you may either be questioned about your reason for residing outside of the country, or you may not be eligible.
  • Have A Naturalization Interview. As a requirement during the U.S. naturalization process, individuals are required to take a naturalization interview with a USCIS agent, which requires answering questions about their background and their application.
  • Pass A Naturalization Test. While there are some applicants who can waive this test based on certain circumstances, a naturalization test involves an English test and a civics test, which looks at your basic knowledge of the U.S. government and civics in the country.
  • Be Of Good Character. In order to receive citizenship, you have to show that you are a person of good character. USCIS will consider key factors such as your criminal history and whether you paid all of your taxes.
  • Pledge Your Allegiance. At the end of the naturalization process, you will need to swear your allegiance to the United States. It is important to be aware of this at the beginning of the naturalization process so that you can mentally prepare.

Based on the unique circumstances of your immigration case in Fontana, an immigration lawyer from our team can let you know what your requirements are and what the expected timeline is to obtain your U.S. citizenship. By working with our Fontana immigration legal team, you can be confident that your application will be adequately filled out and submitted and that you will be fully aware of the naturalization costs, your requirements and duties, and pertinent timelines.


Q: How Long Does an Adjustment of Status Take in Fontana, California?

A: If you have entered the United States with an immigrant visa, the adjustment of status process is what allows you to get your green card and become a lawful permanent resident. In Fontana, California, gathering all of the required documents, filling out the application form, and then filing can take one to two weeks. The time that it will take to process your adjustment of status application and get you your green card can range from 5-7 months.

Q: Should I Hire a Fontana, California Immigration Lawyer?

A: Whether or not you should find an immigration lawyer to assist you with your immigration matters in Fontana, California, depends on the circumstances of your case. However, it is generally a good idea to hire an immigration lawyer, as they can analyze the details of your case and give you sound legal advice about the right legal pathway for you. Furthermore, they can help you through all steps of your application process and ensure that your rights are protected.

Q: How Can I Find a Good California Immigration Lawyer?

A: Finding an immigration lawyer that is optimal for your case may seem overwhelming, but there are various strategies that you can employ to find a good one. You can start by carrying out an online search and looking for lawyers who are accredited in your area through local and state bar associations.

Ask family and friends that you trust for recommendations as well. Look for positive reviews on cases that are similar to yours, and choose a lawyer that you consider to be trustworthy, industrious, and compassionate during your initial consultation.

Q: What Is USCIS And Why Is It Important?

A: USCIS is the abbreviation for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency, which falls under the umbrella of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. In terms of importance, the USCIS is the agency that oversees immigration processes, ranging from managing naturalization processes to handling petitions and applications for key immigration documents, such as visas and green cards.

If you are going through an immigration process in the United States, then you are required to submit your applications through USCIS.

Q: How Long Does the Process for Getting The K-1 Visa Last?

A: The time that it takes to process a K-1 visa application and administer the appropriate documents is dependent on various factors associated with your case, including where your application is filed and the consulate or embassy of your fiancée. K-1 visa application processing typically takes 5 to 6 months. An experienced immigration lawyer can analyze the details of your case and let you know how long your expected waiting times might be.

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The immigration process in Fontana, California, can be an exciting time for individuals who are looking to live and work long or short-term in the United States. By working with an immigration lawyer from our team, you can feel comfortable knowing that your case is in experienced and knowledgeable hands. Schedule a free consultation with one of our compassionate Fontana immigration lawyers today to get started.

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