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Cultural celebration signals renewed push for immigration law change

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Cultural celebration signals renewed push for immigration law change

Many who live in Riverside are likely aware of the support for immigration law changes that a large percent of California’s population has. In fact, many potentially support this reform as well and could even have relatives or friends directly impacted by this battle. This is what has driven many people to show their support, including large organizations like the national church.

In another display of support from the church, one bishop has decided to make the struggle for immigration reform an opportunity for people of all cultures, races and backgrounds to celebrate where they have come from. After service, which will be provided in Tagalog and Chamorro along with the usual English, there will be a meal served which caters to many different nationalities. Participation is also anticipated from people of Nigerian, Hispanic, Tongan, Vietnamese and Korean descent, along with several other cultures from Africa.

This is just one show in a line of immigration related support that the diocese has been giving recently. The church on a national level has also recently pushed the GOP to strike a more solid stance on the issue of immigration reform, leading many to believe that they have been a large help in the GOP’s recent decision to draft out immigration law principles.

Many people are relieved to finally see movement and such vast, overarching support for the immigration population. However, there are still many hurdles yet to cross. Due to this, those who are currently in need of aid when it comes to immigration related issue might benefit from seeing an attorney.

Source: Daily Bulletin, “San Bernardino Diocese to celebrate cultures, push for immigration reform at Mass in Rancho Cucamonga”, Neil Nisperos, Jan. 8, 2014

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