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Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer

Every day, the United States of America is enriched by the arrival of new immigrants. People come to our country from all over the world, fleeing violence and persecution in search of something better for their families. They bring with them their culture, their traditions, and their hopes for the future.

In recent years, there has been a ton of heated discussion about immigration policy in the United States and LA. The debate centers on managing our country’s borders and regulating who can enter. In a heated and differing political climate, various legal issues can arise regarding the different experiences and statuses of immigrants.

The immigration process in the United States can be very complex. There are many different ways to obtain legal status, and the rules are constantly changing. As a result, it is crucial to seek out experienced legal assistance if you or someone close to you is dealing with an immigration issue.

Proudly Serving the Immigrant Community in Los Angeles

U.S. Law Center’s entire law firm is centered on immigration, criminal, and civil rights law. We believe that immigrants are important to our country and our economy, and we are committed to helping people navigate the often-complex immigration process. Sometimes, the immigration process can seem like an insurmountable obstacle. Our goal is to help our Los Angeles clients overcome those obstacles and achieve their dreams of being in the United States.

Our Los Angeles immigration lawyers deeply understand immigration laws and procedures and are here to guide you through every step of your case. Whether you are seeking a visa, a green card, or citizenship, we can help. We also represent clients who are facing removal (deportation) proceedings, and we can assist with asylum applications. In addition, we help employers obtain work visas for their employees and help families reunite through the family visa process.

No matter what your California immigration law needs may be, our team is here to help. Connect with us today to get started.

What Immigration Cases Do Our Los Angeles Lawyers Handle?

The immigration lawyers at U.S. Law Center represent clients in a wide range of immigration matters, including:

  • Green card applications (permanent residency): Green cards are the first step to legal citizenship in the United States. We can help you navigate the intense green card application process, including filing all the necessary paperwork and appearing with you at your green card interview. Different challenges can arise during this process, such as denial of your application or delays in processing. We combat phony or uninformed obstacles so that you can obtain your green card as efficiently as possible.
  • Citizenship applications: Once you have had a green card for a certain period, you may be eligible to apply for citizenship. The process of applying for citizenship can be complex, involving several different tests and interviews. Our team can help you prepare for your citizenship interview and ensure that you complete the process legally and correctly.
  • Employment-based visas: If you are coming to the United States to work, you will need to obtain an employment-based visa. There are several different types of employment-based visas, and the specific visa you need will depend on your occupation and other factors. Our team can help you determine which immigrant visa is right for you and guide you through the application process.
  • Family-based visas: If you have family members who are citizens or legal residents in the United States, they may be able to sponsor you for a family-based visa. Our team can help you determine eligibility for a family-based visa and guide you through the application process.
  • Deportation defense: Not everyone who comes to the United States is able to obtain legal status. If you or your relatives are facing deportation (removal) proceedings, consulting with an experienced Los Angeles attorney is vital. Our team can help you navigate the complex deportation process and fight to keep you in the United States.
  • Asylum: If you are facing persecution in your home country, you may be eligible for asylum in the United States. Our team can help you navigate the asylum application process and present your case with speed and integrity to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
  • Criminal defense for immigrants: If you have been charged with an alleged crime, having an experienced attorney on your side is the best step forward to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. Our team can help you understand how a criminal conviction could impact your immigration status and fight to protect your rights.
  • Appeals: If your immigration application has been denied or you are facing deportation, you may have the right to file an appeal or petition. Our team can help you understand your legal options and guide you through the appeals process.immigration lawyer los angeles

Common Reasons Why Immigrants Face Deportation

The United States’ deportation system is incredibly complex, and many immigrants may still face deportation proceedings. Some of the most common reasons for these include:

  • Lack of proper legal representation: Many immigrants who face deportation proceedings do not have legal representation. This can significantly impact the outcome of their case, as they may not be aware of their legal options to defend themselves against deportation.
  • Expired visas: Immigrants who stay in the United States after their visa has expired can face deportation proceedings. This is especially common for immigrants in the United States on a tourist visa or other temporary visa.
  • Violation of visa terms: Immigrants who violate the terms of their visa can also face deportation proceedings. For example, if an immigrant on a work visa changes jobs without notifying the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), they could face deportation.
  • Illegal entry into the United States: Immigrants who enter the United States without going through the proper channels can also face deportation proceedings. While many immigrants who enter the United States without going through the proper channels do so because they are fleeing persecution in their home country, they will need to apply for asylum to avoid deportation.
  • Criminal convictions: Finally, immigrants convicted of certain crimes can also face deportation proceedings. For example, immigrants convicted of a felony or certain misdemeanors can be deported from the United States. Defending yourself in court with the support of a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney specializing in immigration law is crucial to avoiding deportation.

What Is Naturalization?

Naturalization is the process where a foreign national becomes a U.S. citizen. There are two ways to become a naturalized U.S. citizen: through birth or through the naturalization process.

Individuals born in the United States or certain U.S. territories are automatically U.S. citizens. This is where complicated issues within a family unit can often arise. For example, one child in a family may have been born outside of the United States to undocumented parents and, as such, does not have automatic citizenship. If that child has a sibling who was born in the United States, they will have automatic citizenship. Balancing the rights and needs of both siblings can get complicated, which is where an immigration attorney can be beneficial if the family is facing legal challenges.

Individuals not born in the United States or certain U.S. territories can become U.S. citizens through the naturalization process. The naturalization process requires individuals to meet specific eligibility requirements and go through a multi-step application process. Once an individual has gone through the naturalization process and become a U.S. citizen, they will have the same rights and responsibilities as any other U.S. citizen.

What Makes a Strong Los Angeles Immigration Attorney?

Many qualities make a strong Los Angeles immigration attorney. First, a strong Los Angeles immigration attorney should have experience handling cases like yours. This means that they should have a strong understanding of the laws and regulations pertaining to your case and a track record of success in handling similar cases.

Additionally, an influential Los Angeles immigration attorney should be accessible and responsive to your needs. This means that they should be available to answer your pending questions and address concerns in a timely manner. Furthermore, they should keep you updated on the status of your immigration case and let you know what to expect at each step of the process.

Finally, a good Los Angeles immigration attorney will be honest with you about your case. They will honestly assess your chances of success and let you know what to expect. If they believe that your case is at risk of being denied, they will work closely with you to develop a strategy for increasing your chances of success or finding alternative options.

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FAQs About Los Angeles, CA Immigration Laws

How Much Does an Immigration Lawyer Cost in Los Angeles?

The cost of an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can vary depending on the complexity of your case and the lawyer’s experience. Some attorneys will charge clients based on an hourly rate, while others will charge a flat fee for their services. In some cases, lawyers may also be able to offer pro bono (free) or reduced-cost services to clients who cannot afford to pay their full fee.

What Is the Difference Between an Immigration Lawyer and an Immigration Consultant?

Immigration lawyers are licensed to practice law in the United States and have completed years of education and training. Immigration consultants, on the other hand, are not licensed to practice law and may not have received any formal education or training in immigration law. As such, immigration consultants are not held to the same ethical standards as lawyers and may not be knowledgeable about the latest changes in immigration law.

Is an Immigration Lawyer Worth the Cost?

Hiring an immigration lawyer can be a valuable investment, as they can provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate the complex immigration system. In many cases, an immigration lawyer can also help you avoid costly mistakes that could jeopardize your case. For instance, if an attorney helps you to avoid mistakes on your application, you may be able to save money on filing fees or avoid having your application denied outright. In another scenario, if they help to avoid anyone in your family from being deported, the cost of an attorney is worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family is safe. Hiring an attorney can also be more affordable in the long term versus having to pay for someone’s return to their home country and then back to the U.S.

How Do I Know If I Need an Immigration Lawyer?

If you are unsure about any aspect of the immigration process, it is best to consult with an immigration lawyer. Even if you think that your case is simple, an immigration lawyer can help to ensure that you are taking all the necessary steps and doing everything possible to maximize your chances of success. There have been scenarios where a simple application for a green card has been denied because the applicant did not include all the required information or documents. It is always best to err on the side of caution and seek professional help when navigating the immigration system.

Contact U.S. Law Center Immigration Lawyers Today in Los Angeles, CA

U.S. Law Center is a nationally recognized law firm providing representation to individuals and families seeking immigration visas, green cards, and citizenship. Our knowledgeable and experienced immigration attorneys are available to answer your questions and guide you through every step of the process, from filing your initial application to attending your naturalization ceremony.

We proudly serve the Los Angeles community with top-notch immigration legal services. Our clients come from all over the world, and we have successfully helped them navigate even the most complex immigration cases.

If you are seeking help with your Los Angeles immigration case, do not hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation. We would be happy to review your case and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today and see why many immigrants have already chosen U.S. Law Center as their go-to immigration law firm in Los Angeles.

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