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Ducks help immigration activists make a point in D.C.

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Ducks help immigration activists make a point in D.C.

For those who live in Riverside and have ties to the immigration community, the demonstrations involving new paths to U.S. citizenship are likely the talk of the town. In an effort to bring the attention of both allies and opposition alike to immigration issues, activists are working in new and innovative ways together.

One such demonstration is the “duck delivery tactic”, which has been considered a relative success due to how quickly word of it spread. The ducks were brought to the Capitol in colorful boxes and children were allowed to play with them once they were there. It was an interactive protest that brought the issue to the people without being off-putting.

The main message behind this unconventional protest was the idea that Congress is currently “ducking” the issue of immigration and immigration-related law reform. It is because of the Republican seats in Congress that nothing has been set into motion yet, despite a plan for reform being set out months ago. The duck delivery was born in order to bring attention to the issue and to send across the message that Congress members will no longer be allowed to duck.

The stall on reform is irritating to many, but also potentially crippling, especially to immigrants who are waiting on a verdict to know whether or not they will be allowed to stay in the country. If you are an immigrant currently waiting on reform, having an attorney with immigration experience at your side might be a wise idea in the interim.

Source: The Press-Enterprise, “IMMIGRATION: Legislation battle will spill over into 2014”, David Olson, Dec. 24, 2013

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