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Norco Immigration Lawyer

California is an ideal state to live in due to its thriving economy and employment opportunities, along with the rich success story that it has based on immigration to the area. Global citizens are eager to live and work in the state to carve out their own individual success stories. If you are facing challenges related to immigration in the Norco, California, area, then a Norco immigration lawyer can assist you with the process. They can also inform you of your rights and support your needs.

At US Law Center, our legal immigration team is deeply knowledgeable about the diverse avenues that can be leveraged to work and live in the country. We can even help them eventually obtain citizenship. We work one-on-one with our clients to understand their questions and concerns. Our team can then work out a plan that allows them to feel confident that they are optimizing their chances for a successful application.

Norco, CA, Immigration Lawyer – Free Consultation

A Norco, CA, immigration lawyer from US Law Center can support you with applying for a myriad of visas and green cards, depending on your criteria and purpose for visiting or staying in the country. Furthermore, we can assist with renewals of existing green cards and modifications of legal status. We also help clients with smoothing out the complex process of naturalization.

If you are facing legal challenges related to immigration, such as revocation of your residency, deportation orders, or a potential criminal record that can bar you from pursuing citizenship in Norco, CA, then it is critical to get in touch with a lawyer who is knowledgeable in immigration law. You can schedule a consultation with a Norco immigration lawyer from US Law Center today to discuss your questions and concerns.

Applying for the Green Card

You can apply for a green card both inside and outside the United States. If you are applying from within the country, then you will need to fill out a Form I-485, which is a form request to adjust your legal status. This form is ideal for people who have won the diversity visa lottery, have employment or family eligibility, or were already in the United States with an immigrant visa.

If you are applying for your green card outside of the United States, then you will have to file a Form DS-260, which is otherwise known as an Immigrant Visa Electronic Application. This form can be filled out by individuals who are working to obtain an immigrant visa from outside the country. The reasons for obtaining the visa can be related to family, employment, or the diversity visa program.

While applying for the green card is an exciting time and can foreshadow the opportunity for new experiences and horizons for your career and family, the legal team at US Law Center understands that it can also be stressful and overwhelming. If you are unsure about how to optimize the green card application process in Norco, CA, our team is here to support you with your green card-related needs.

Obtaining a Green Card Based on Type

The specific green card application process that an individual will go through in Norco depends on the type of green card that they are applying for. There are a myriad of application options for potential green card applicants, including: 

  • Family-Based Green Cards: This application is available for people who are direct relatives of U.S. lawful permanent residents or citizens, such as spouses, widows, or widowers. Individuals who fulfill certain categories, such as being the sibling of a U.S. citizen, are also eligible to apply for this type of green card.
  • Employment-Based Green Cards: There are numerous categories of the employment-based green card that individuals can apply for to get permanent residency based on employment. In certain circumstances, the spouse and children of the applicant could also get green cards.
  • Humanitarian-Based Green Cards: This category of green card is for individuals who are applying to live in the United States due to certain vulnerable conditions, such as being a victim of human trafficking, a refugee, or an asylum seeker.

In addition to these green card categories, there are other categories, such as longtime-resident green cards, diversity lottery green cards, and green cards for individuals who are victims of certain crimes or abuses. A Norco immigration lawyer can work with you on your specific case to help you decide which immigration avenue is optimal for your situation.

Understanding Asylum in California

Asylum is a type of legal status in the United States that provides legal protection to individuals who are able to demonstrate that they have a legitimate fear of living in their home country. This is often due to fear of persecution based on certain characteristics that they identify with. These characteristics can include the following: 

  • Religion
  • Political opinion
  • Race
  • Nationality
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender or gender identity
  • Group membership

If an individual is granted asylum in the United States, then they are permitted to stay until the conditions in their home country are no longer threatening the safety of the individual. An individual who is granted legal status as an asylee can apply for a humanitarian-based green card. After a residence period of four years, they can apply for naturalization.

Difference Between an Asylum Seeker and a Refugee

An asylum seeker is an individual who applies for legal protection due to fear of persecution in their home country while being located in the United States. They could have traveled lawfully or unlawfully to the country. A refugee is granted legal protection after applying outside the United States.

Obtaining asylee status in the United States is extremely difficult, and it requires the experience and knowledge of a well-rounded immigration lawyer. An asylum and refugee immigration lawyer from US Law Center can help you prepare for your interviews and build up your case. They can also prepare and file your asylum application.

FAQs for Immigration Lawyers

Q: Do Grandmothers Qualify for a Family-Based Green Card?

A: There are certain extended family members who do not qualify for a family-based green card application. These include grandmothers, and grandparents in general, as well as uncles, aunts, and cousins. They can only apply for the family-based green card if they are a close relative of a U.S. lawful permanent resident or citizen, such as a child, parent, or sibling. An experienced U.S. immigration lawyer can help you understand your immigration options based on the unique characteristics of your case.

Q: What Is the Difference Between a Refugee and an Asylee in California?

A: In the United States, refugees and asylees in California and the rest of the country are both eligible to apply for a humanitarian-based green card. They are both considered to be individuals who fear their current living situation due to violence or disaster based on their specific characteristics, such as race or nationality. Refugees apply for refugee status outside the United States and then travel there, while asylees are granted their legal status after entering the country.

Q: How Can Crime Victims Get a Path to U.S. Permanent Residence in California?

A: Victims of egregious crimes constituting “substantial physical or mental abuse” who are foreign nationals living in the United States, either unlawfully or lawfully, can apply for a U visa to seek protection. Such a visa must be verified by a U.S. law enforcement agency, and the applicant must agree to aid with the investigation and prosecution of individuals committing such crimes. If they obtain the U visa and meet certain requirements, such as a 3-year residency period, then they can work toward applying for a green card.

Q: What Are My Odds of Winning a Diversity Lottery Green Card?

A: The odds of winning the diversity lottery change each year, and these depend on a variety of factors, including the number of applicants and your country of national origin. Diversity lottery green cards are only granted to 50,000 applicants per year, and a country of origin is not able to constitute more than 7% of all accepted applicants. Only applicants from origin countries with historically low rates of immigration, such as Slovakia and Lebanon, are allowed to apply.

Q: How Many Green Card Holders Live in California?

A: California has a rich history rooted in immigration, and its current success is due to the diverse backgrounds, skills, and perspectives that make up the state. California is one of the top destinations for green card holders; there are more than roughly 10 million green card holders in California as of 2024. Other states with large numbers of green card holders include:

  • Texas, with roughly 5 million
  • Florida, with roughly 4.5 million
  • New York, with roughly 4.5 million

Develop Your Path to Living and Working in Norco, California, Today

Depending on your education, skill set, reasons for staying, and familial circumstances, you may be eligible to take multiple immigration avenues. An immigration lawyer from US Law Center can help you assess your options and determine which route may be the most optimal for your situation. Reach out today to our compassionate immigration law team to discuss your case.

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