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Getting sued, or receiving notice of a lawsuit, is never an easy process. Regardless of the parties involved and the severity of the situation, seeking legal help with any civil suit is the best way to handle the situation quickly, helping you put your lawsuit behind you for good. Civil attorneys are some of the most commonly utilized legal professionals but finding a high-quality firm able to help you with your case can be challenging. At U.S. Law Center, we aim to provide the Riverside community with high-quality civil litigation services, helping you work through any lawsuit and get your life back on track.

Riverside Civil Law Attorney

What Is Civil Law?

Civil law is a legal field focused on providing help with any civil litigation matters. Primarily focused on interpersonal relations, civil law is used as a way to settle disputes and disagreements between individuals, whether that be two people, two corporations, or an individual and a business. These cases are typically used to restore any damages resulting from negligence, or breach of agreed-upon terms between both parties involved. For example, if you suffered damages after a bad car accident, resulting in your car getting totaled, you can sue the driver that caused the accident and receive a settlement for the damages.

What Fields Are Covered Under Civil Law?

The range of legal possibilities for civil law cases is seemingly endless and distinguishing between each field can be complicated. The two main areas for civil law disputes fall into two branches — business-related disputes, and personal disputes. Both areas can overlap and, in some instances, work alongside each other for a specific purpose; however, certain issues between individuals in business and personal disputes are specific to those labels. Depending on the parties involved, as well as the problem causing the suit, the kind of matter used to decide the case can change.

Business disputes, ranging from contract issues to problems between two business entities, are some of the most common kinds of disputes handled in civil law cases. Personal disputes, on the other hand, are legally referred to as torts and are the result of one party’s abuse, neglect, or mistreatment of another party or that other party’s property. In some instances, like personal injury claims made against businesses, the lines between personal disputes and business disputes are blurred. For example, if a patron at a supermarket slips and falls on a wet floor that was not properly marked as being wet, and this fall results in an injury, that patron can sue the supermarket for negligence.

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How Does Civil Law Compare to Other Legal Fields?

Civil law cases are primarily brought on due to negligence by one of the parties involved in the case. For business-related disputes, a breach of contract regarding mutually agreed-upon stipulations would be grounds for a civil case. Personal matters, whether for personal injury or property damage, can be the basis for your case, as long as the interaction generating the case did not include any criminal charges. The difference between civil law cases and criminal law cases lies in the intent of the incident, and whether the incident is truly an accident or if there was the intent behind the actions.

Using a car accident as an example, if you get rear-ended at a stoplight and your car is damaged, or even totaled, you can sue the person that hit you for damages and receive compensation. Because this was an accident, and the other driver at fault is not in any kind of state causing them to get into the accident, the damages are a result of negligence. If this driver was drinking enough to get charged with a DUI, however, and they end up totaling your car, this would be a criminal case. Although not on purpose, the driver’s intoxication is a crime within itself, causing the resulting accidents from that interaction to count towards their criminal charge.

FAQs About Riverside, CA Civil Laws

What does a civil attorney do?

A civil attorney is a legal professional hired to advocate for the rights of a person facing a lawsuit, particularly those in non-criminal-related cases. By evaluating the best interests of their client, along with the legal foundation for their case, a civil attorney is responsible for creating a legally sound case used to combat a lawsuit on behalf of their client.

When do I need a civil attorney?

In any court case, you have the option to represent yourself; however, finding legal representation, especially concerning situations where you are either getting sued or trying to sue someone else, is always a good idea. The safety net provided by competent legal knowledge is one of the best benefits of hiring a civil attorney and can help you settle your case fairly.

What should I expect from a civil litigation attorney?

For any case, regardless of the legal field, you should expect respect from your legal team, especially in a civil law case. Your attorney should be respectful of your case, attentive when hearing your story, and able to properly understand the entirety of the suit to accurately advocate for your case.

What should I do if I receive a notification that someone is suing me?

If you are being sued, your first step after receiving notice of the lawsuit should be to contact a civil attorney. For any kind of legal proceeding, finding legal representation able to handle your case and accurately argue on your behalf is the safest way to ensure a productive result.

When to Contact a Civil Law Attorney About Your Case

Getting sued is a very harrowing process and can be extremely difficult to handle. From formulating a response to the initial lawsuit to arguing your case in court, finding a civil law attorney to assist you through the process of getting sued is crucial for a positive trial outcome. In the Riverside area, U.S. Law Center is here to provide expert legal services to assist you during your suit. For more information, including a complete list of our practice areas and information about our team, visit our website and schedule a free consultation today.

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