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Immigrant youth urged to take advantage of DACA

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Immigrant youth urged to take advantage of DACA

Those in Riverside who are aware of the continued issues with U.S. immigration law may also be aware of the collective attempts to change things for the benefit of immigrants. Immigrant families and children are feeling a lot of pressure lately, but they are also being used to bolster the immigration cause.

With this recent bolster, there are also new problems cropping up. One unforeseen problem is the claim that some believe that immigrant populations are not taking proper advantage of the tools they already have. For example, the DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) has only received half as many participants as their initial estimate allowed for. Because of this, some people are concerned that similar programs will be seen as unnecessary.

The enrollment rates are particularly low among some of the larger immigrant groups in certain areas, including the Chinese, Filipinos and Dominicans. It is reported that half a million immigrant youths were registered with the program, which defers deportation for up to two years. However, despite that seemingly high number, the enrollment is considered low. This could potentially be lowering the chances of programs meant to help immigrants being funded in the future.

To those who are currently facing immigration issues, it is wise to take advantage of any help that can be found. This includes programs like DACA or even the help of an attorney who is familiar with immigration law. Using as many resources as possible can make all of the difference for those struggling with immigration.

Source: Southern California Public Radio, “In immigration news: Many more eligible for deferred action, Asian American voters and the GOP, another OC fast, more”, Leslie Berestein Rojas, Dec. 9, 2013

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