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2023 How to Get Green Card Faster Than 90 Days in California?

Obtaining a green card is a major milestone on the path to living and working…

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2023 How Long Does It Take to Get a Green Card in California?

Gaining a green card as an immigrant is the first step to citizenship. It also…

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California Green Card Renewal Process 2023 Explained – Step by Step

If you are a lawful permanent resident (LPR) in California and your green card is…

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How Do Criminal Charges Affect My Immigration Status? (2023)

As a non-citizen, being charged with a crime can have severe implications for your immigration…

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How Much Does an Immigration Lawyer Cost in California?

The immigration process is a difficult one. Though the United States is a country of…

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How to Get a Green Card in California 2023 – Step by Step Process

Immigration is the concept of people with legal status in one country moving to another…

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California Immigration Laws – All You Need to Know

The United States is a country greatly composed of immigrants. For centuries, people from all…

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Change in H-1B visa pay requirements delayed — for now

A rule change by the Department of Labor that would have required employers sponsoring H-1B…

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Judge overrules Trump attempt to curtail H-1B visa program

A federal judge in December nullified a Trump Administration plan that applied harsh restrictions on…

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When a Green Card doesn’t protect you from deportation

For many people in the United States through a visa program or possibly an asylum…

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