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Change in H-1B visa pay requirements delayed — for now

A rule change by the Department of Labor that would have required employers sponsoring H-1B…

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Judge overrules Trump attempt to curtail H-1B visa program

A federal judge in December nullified a Trump Administration plan that applied harsh restrictions on…

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When a Green Card doesn’t protect you from deportation

For many people in the United States through a visa program or possibly an asylum…

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Analysis shows H-1B visa denials rising

Foreign nationals who wish to work in California on an H-1B visa may face additional…

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Long waits likely as USCIS plans to furlough thousands of workers

Immigration has never been a fast process. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS)…

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Federal judge order the restart of DACA

The Trump Administration’s efforts to stop the DACA program have been halted for now by…

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Don’t let the naturalization tests deter you from citizenship

If you already live in the United States thanks to a green card or permanent…

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The J-1 exchange visitor visa program

The J-1 exchange visitor visa program allows people from other countries to come to California…

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Immigration myths: Don’t let these derail you

When it comes to immigration law, it’s natural to have questions and concerns. For example,…

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Green card process for broadcasters

Those who work as broadcasters may decide to make southern California their home. However, if…

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