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Moreno Valley Immigration Lawyer

Immigration law is often a very confusing topic for many who have to deal with it. Laws change constantly, and it’s hard to know how much of what you hear on the news is true or just rumor and speculation. When dealing with the U.S. immigration system, you should consider hiring a Moreno Valley, CA, immigration lawyer and law firm.

U.S. Law Center is a law firm you can trust with your immigration needs. We’ve helped many people with all sorts of cases. Whether you need something simple like assistance with filling out your green card or visa application, or something complex like criminal defense in a trial threatening to send you out of the country, we can help.

Why Go to U.S. Law Center?

At U.S. Law Center, we know immigration is tricky to deal with on the easiest days. We also know many of the people interacting with the immigration system are dealing with stressful situations. Whether you’re seeking asylum or just trying to cut through red tape to secure a visa, it can be daunting and frustrating.

For all these reasons, our lead attorney and founder, Sanjay Sobti, has made it his mission to approach every immigration matter with empathy and understanding. We bring that care to all of our clients to help you understand your rights and how to navigate the system. Mr. Sobti speaks several languages and has worked as a lawyer since 1999.

What Are the Basics of Immigration Law?

In simple terms, immigration law covers any facet of someone changing their status in the United States. Whether it is something minor like applying for a visa or green card or more complex like seeking asylum or dealing with deportation, it all falls under the umbrella of immigration law.

When dealing with any immigration matters, you will have to keep in mind the different laws between the United States federal government and the state government you plan to move into. California has specific immigration laws that are more tilted in favor of immigrants than some other states in the union.

Immigration law also deals with any criminal prosecution for an immigrant to the country. Immigrants accused of crimes face deportation, and the government generally holds immigrants to a higher standard regarding crime and punishment.

Do I Need a Lawyer When Dealing With Immigration Law?

There are no laws saying you need to hire an immigration lawyer to assist you with any matters regarding immigration law. Some people choose to deal with the immigration system without a lawyer for simple issues like green cards. While it is entirely possible to go through the system on your own, having a lawyer on your side makes things much more manageable.

We recommend a lawyer for any immigration issues you face, especially when the stakes increase and the severity of a bad outcome is harsher. When you face deportation or criminal prosecution while an immigrant, you should contact a lawyer for legal representation. A seasoned Moreno Valley, CA, immigration lawyer and law firm, like U.S. Law Center, can represent you and defend you in any criminal matters.

While green cards are easy for some immigrants to obtain, getting refugee status and applying for asylum is always difficult. Having a lawyer present to explain your situation and advocate for why you need the government to grant you asylum is crucial.

Any time you represent yourself in court, a judge expects you to have the same knowledge as a barred attorney. While you will have some extra latitude, you will have to understand courtroom proceedings and case law. This is incredibly difficult for a layperson who may not be familiar with United States law.

Additionally, a lawyer will give you an unbiased view of a situation. Dealing with the immigration system may leave you upset or confused, and an immigration lawyer can explain your situation to you in a calm manner, detached from the emotional rawness of the situation.

What Services Does U.S. Law Center Provide?

We at U.S. Law Center understand that immigration law covers a wide umbrella of topics of different complexities and practices. We’ll outline a few of the services we provide, but you should reach out to us for a free consultation so we can discuss if we can help you with your case. 

Green Cards and Visas

Maybe the most common reason someone interacts with the immigration system is to apply for a green card or visa. Both documents give you the ability to legally live and work in the United States, though the terms for a green card and visa are different.

Green cards are for those wishing to stay as long as possible in the United States. With a green card, you can stay in the country until you decide to leave or the government has reason to deport you. While you aren’t a citizen and don’t enjoy all the benefits citizenship brings, you have a document giving you an indefinite stay.

While many talk about green cards as something people get for marriage, there are other ways to apply for one. Marriage or other relations is the easiest way, but the country also issues green cards for asylum seekers or first-preference immigrants.

Visas offer a temporary solution for those hoping to work in the country on a short-term basis. You must renew this document to continue working in the country. You may also apply for a visa for travel or school.

While you may be able to handle a green card or visa application on your own, having a lawyer check your work and assist with the process lowers your chances of the government denying your application.

Immigrant Defense Counsel

An immigrant accused of a crime faces the risk of deportation. The United States government reserves the right to deport an immigrant for any crime. Petty theft carries the same risk as armed robbery.

If arrested for a crime as an immigrant, you will likely be panicked and upset at the situation. You need a professional lawyer on your side to advocate for you in the court of law to try and explain the situation.

Asylum and Refugee Applications

The United States permits people from other countries to immigrate into the country as asylum-seekers or refugees. To qualify, you must provide reasonable proof you cannot return to your country due to persecution or other dangers.

The United States grants refugee status to those fleeing persecution based on race, nationality, politics, religion, or ethnicity. A lawyer can help you fill out an application for refugee status and argue in court for you if the government denies your application.

Moreno Valley, CA Immigration Law FAQs

Q: How Much Does It Cost to Become a U.S. Citizen?

A: The path to citizenship for many people is long and arduous. Generally speaking, the cost to become a U.S. citizen is around $725. This amount counts the cost of the application and the biometrics service. This money is non-refundable, so make sure you fill your application out correctly.

Hiring an immigration lawyer to oversee the process will let a skilled professional check your work and ensure everything is in place.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Get a Green Card?

A: The time it takes to get a green card will depend on many factors that will help or hinder the speed of the application. Times differ depending on your country of origin, who the sponsoring family member or organization is, where you plan to live, and if the government needs more information. Typically, you can expect the green card process to take about two years, but the time varies greatly.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Get a Marriage-Based Green Card?

A: Marriage-based green cards still take plenty of time for the government to approve and send the documents out. You can expect to wait one year or two years for your green card after submitting your application. Application times differ depending on if the person seeking a green card lives in America or abroad. Speaking with an immigration lawyer can give you a more accurate estimate of your wait time.

Q: Can You Work While Waiting For a Green Card?

A: Yes. You can work while waiting for a green card, though you will need to jump through a few hoops to keep everything above board. You will have to get an Employment Authorization Document to legally work in the country. You may know these documents better as work permits.

With a work permit, you can hold down employment while you wait for the green card process to finish.

Immigration Lawyers With Experience: U.S. Law Center

At U.S. Law Center, we understand immigration and all the legalities that come with it. We not only bring legal knowledge but empathy to each case. We understand immigration always deals with people, and we will keep the human concerns of the situation in mind when dealing with your case.

If you are having any issues with immigration and need help, contact us at U.S. Law Center today for a free consultation and to start discussing your legal case. We can handle all kinds of immigration matters and can advocate for you in court if need be.

Making Immigration Law Work For You

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