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Santa Ana Adjustment of Status Lawyer

Many individuals face changes throughout their lives, which can sometimes result in stress and upheaval. Immigrants and non-citizens face significant stressors when certain changes occur, as it may threaten their immigration status. If changes go unreported, the consequences may be even more significant. Non-citizens facing these changes must apply for an adjustment of status. A Santa Ana adjustment of status lawyer can help.

Non-citizens who wish to purposefully alter their immigration status also need to apply for an adjustment of status, such as when applying for permanent residence through a green card. A green card provides legal permanent resident status. It can also be the first step toward citizenship, as status adjustment is also important for the citizenship process.

These procedures can be confusing and depending on your individual situation, they can become even more complex. Fortunately, an attorney can make it easier to navigate.

U.S. Law Center: Helping You Navigate an Adjustment of Status

The experienced immigration law attorneys at U.S. Law Center work hard to help individuals and families in our community navigate their immigration goals. Our team has a significant and in-depth understanding of immigration law, how it changes, and how it may impact your situation. We have worked in numerous areas of immigration law for many years, and our attorney has the experience and resources necessary to give comprehensive legal care.

Our team is located in various communities, including Santa Ana, and has helped clients from all around the world. There may be multiple paths to citizenship or legal permanent residency, and we can help you determine how to change your status with your immigration goals in mind. Our firm can help you make informed decisions about your current situation and your future needs.

What Is an Adjustment of Status?

The form to adjust your status through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is Form I-485. This form is used to register for permanent residency status and obtain a green card. It can also adjust your status in other ways, such as changing your type of visa or applying for U.S. citizenship. The process of adjustment of status typically allows you to remain in the country when altering your status.

When Do I Need to Adjust My Status?

There are several circumstances where you may wish to voluntarily adjust your status or be required to adjust your status to reflect changes in your life.

Common causes for status adjustment include:

  • Educational Changes: If you are in the country on a student visa, and you finish school or drop out but wish to remain in the country, you may need to apply for a work visa. If you have a job or internship, you may need to apply for a different type of visa.
  • Relationship Changes: Suppose you are engaged to a U.S. citizen or long-term resident and plan to get married. In this case, you likely need a status adjustment once you are married so you can remain in the country. Alternatively, you are already married and are a non-citizen, or you are in the country on a marriage visa and get divorced. In both cases, you need an adjustment of status if you want to move to or remain in the country.
  • Legal Permanent Residency: If you have lived in the U.S. on a work or family visa and want to become a legal permanent resident, you will need to adjust your status to reflect that.
  • Refugee Status: You applied for refugee status and wish to seek asylum. Alternatively, you’ve held asylum status for more than one year and wish to become a permanent resident. An adjustment of status will be necessary to remain in the country.
  • Green Card Holder: You have been a permanent resident for several years and want to apply for citizenship. Adjusting your status is a vital part of this process.
  • International Adoption: You are adopting internationally and want to obtain citizenship for your child. Your immigration attorney can help you adjust their status.

There are several other reasons for an adjustment of status, and an attorney can help you navigate the options you are eligible for.


Do I Need a Lawyer to File for an Adjustment of Status?

It isn’t required that you have an attorney to file for an adjustment of status, but it can be incredibly beneficial. It can improve your chances of success while preventing unnecessary mistakes that complicate and lengthen the process of approval. If you do not properly report a change in status when or before it occurs, you could be unable to remain in the country. An attorney can help you determine how the law applies to your unique situation and what steps you need to take to protect your immigration status.

How Much Does an Immigration Lawyer Cost in California?

It can be difficult to determine the exact cost of an immigration attorney in California because it is influenced by several factors.

These include:

  • The fee structure. If your immigration service needs include filing forms, this will likely be a flat fee. This flat fee may range from $250 to $800, but it could be much higher. For cases like deportation defense, you will be charged hourly. This cost may be anywhere from $150 to $500 an hour.
  • The complexity of your case. More complex cases will likely have higher rates.
  • The experience of the attorney. A more experienced attorney is likely to charge more, but they may be more effective at finding a solution to your case.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Green Card Through Marriage in 2023?

For individuals who live in the U.S., there are two main forms, with their respective filing fees, required for a marriage green card. They are:

  1. An I-130 or I-129 is a petition for a sponsorship of a fiancé or spouse by a U.S. citizen. The filing fee for this form is $535. This enables couples to get married on U.S. soil or provides sponsorship for an eventual green card.
  2. An I-485 is an adjustment of status or application for permanent residence. The filing fee is $1,140 for non-refugees aged 14 to 78, plus $85 for biometrics.

The filing fee total is $1,760. There are several unique circumstances that may alter the filing fees or required documents.

Can an Out-of-State Attorney Practice Immigration Law in California?

Immigration law is federal law, meaning that an attorney can be licensed in another state and still practice in California. However, it’s important to ensure that the attorney is, in fact, licensed and in good standing in that state.

Additionally, it is often beneficial to have an attorney with local connections to the immigration courts, judges, and attorneys you will be dealing with. Those working professional relationships can help you know what to expect and how to prepare for an immigration law case.

Santa Ana Adjustment of Status

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