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Los Angeles VAWA Lawyer

Los Angeles is a rich, diverse city with a strong past and present due to the migrant influence in the region and surrounding areas. Many individuals come from all around the world to make their life in Los Angeles, with goals such as seeking safety, growing their families, or advancing their careers. However, immigrants can find themselves in abusive situations that are tied to their immigration status. If you are experiencing an abusive dynamic, a Los Angeles VAWA lawyer from U.S. Law Center can support you.

U.S. Law Center was founded on the principles of justice for all, with the belief that all individuals in Los Angeles, California, and surrounding areas in the state and country should have their rights and interests protected despite their immigration status.

Our immigration team has combined decades of experience in helping individuals like you find safe and legal paths to immigration that do not compromise your well-being and sense of security. We are here to understand the details of your case and help you build and implement an optimal immigration legal strategy.

Understanding the Violence Against Women Act and Its Implications

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was passed in 1994 and reauthorized in 2022 in order to strengthen the existing law. The law was created in order to prevent and discourage instances of violence and sexual assault from happening in the country. VAWA is a decades-long piece of comprehensive legislation that seeks to support cost-effective and supportive responses to instances of sexual assault and domestic violence.

For victims of domestic violence who are non-citizens, provisions were specifically passed to protect these individuals. Before, if they were in a situation of domestic violence in which their family sponsor was the perpetrator, they could not report the incident or incidents for fear of retaliation or deportation.

Under the new provisions, candidates who meet certain requirements can self-sponsor, applying for permanent residency in a separate application without having to notify the perpetrator of domestic violence who was initially sponsoring their stay in the US.

Individuals who have faced abuse from a US citizen or green card holder have access to benefits under VAWA regardless of gender or sexual orientation. If you are in an abusive situation that is tied to your immigration status in Los Angeles, a passionate and skilled VAWA lawyer from our law firm can work with you to understand whether applying under this act is a feasible option for you, helping you work through the process from start to finish.

Am I Eligible for VAWA in Los Angeles?

Determining VAWA eligibility can be complex, as requirements are stringent. A dedicated lawyer from U.S. Law Center can analyze your case and help determine whether you meet all the requirements, including the following:

  • The VAWA applicant is or was married to the abuser, who is a green card holder or US citizen.
  • The VAWA applicant and the abuser were living together, and there is proof.
  • The VAWA applicant was subjected to extreme cruelty, and/or they were battered during the time they were married.
  • The VAWA applicant has good moral character.

These requirements are for those who are or were married to an abusive person. Those who have been subject to abuse at the hands of their parents, who are lawful permanent residents or citizens, can also qualify if they are under 21 and unmarried. Parents of children who are citizens may also qualify if their children are abusive. However, every applicant must meet the requirements of living with their abuser and having good moral character.

In addition, there are certain requirements that involve showing proof, such as that the marriage was bona fide. A compassionate and dedicated immigration attorney from U.S. Law Center can help you understand whether the VAWA pathway is for you, working to pursue an adequate and just immigration pathway.


Q: Do I Need a Lawyer to Apply for VAWA?

A: It is not required by law to have a lawyer file a petition as a self-sponsor under VAWA. However, it is generally advised to work with an attorney on your case, leveraging their support with filing your application and submitting associated evidence. Being granted a green card under VAWA is difficult. An experienced and skilled lawyer can help you submit a strong application and ensure that you don’t miss any key details or deadlines, helping optimize your chances of being accepted.

Q: What Is the Two-Year Rule for VAWA?

A: The two-year rule for VAWA applies to cases in which immigrants who are sponsored by an abusive spouse get a divorce before filing a VAWA self-petition. In such cases, they have two years from the date they got divorced to file their self-petition, and if the petition is filed after this date, they will no longer be eligible to self-sponsor themselves for a green card under VAWA. Applicants can also be deemed ineligible for VAWA green cards if they remarry after the divorce.

Q: How Much Does the VAWA Application Cost?

A: There is no cost to file a VAWA petition; however, there are typically attorney fees involved. As the US government does not sponsor attorney fees for a VAWA petition, these funds typically have to be paid by the applicant directly. Therefore, it is advisable to work with a lawyer who is upfront about their legal fees and other associated costs so that there are no surprises down the line regarding finances.

Q: What Disqualifies You From VAWA?

A: Certain factors can disqualify applicants from being eligible for a green card under VAWA, including having committed certain crimes, such as those that involve moral turpitude or aggravated felonies.

If an individual gives faulty information in order to obtain certain immigration benefits, this can also deem them ineligible. In order to understand whether you are eligible for a green card under VAWA, an experienced immigration lawyer can analyze your case and help you determine your options.

Get the Protections You Are Entitled to With a Los Angeles VAWA Lawyer

If you are in an abusive situation that is tied to a family member, such as a spouse or fiancé, who is threatening your legal status, there are protections under federal law that are in place to support you.

A compassionate and skilled VAWA lawyer from the U.S. Law Center is here to evaluate your case, address your questions and concerns, and determine your eligibility for certain immigration pathways. They can assist you in optimizing your chances of being accepted under VAWA by helping you submit a comprehensive application with key supporting evidence. Get in contact with our legal team today to begin discussing your case.

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