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Opinions split over renewed resolve to pursue immigration reform

Those in Riverside may have taken note recently of the many battles to reform immigration law that have been happening both in their immediate area and in the state on a whole. There is a large faction of people supporting this reform in Southern California in specific, meaning that many citizens are affected to some degree by matters of immigration and the changes people are seeking.

Immigrants in California will now be allowed to become lawyers

Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law AB 1024 that in effect allows for undocumented immigrants to obtain a law degree in California.  One legislator emphasized how California has remained active in allowing immigrants to pursue their careers while the federal government has been slow to implement any new legislation.

California immigrants get fairer detention through Trust Act

Those in Riverside may find themselves impacted by immigrant reform due to the dense immigration population of the area. Because of this tie with the immigrant community, a number of citizens know of the many struggles toward citizenship equality and the fight for an easier path to citizenship that immigrants face. They know just how important even the smallest steps in the right direction can be.

Riverside protests the stalling of immigration reform

Riverside citizens may be knowledgeable on immigration reform issues due to the fact that this area and all of Southern California have been making pushes for immigration reform in the past few years. Many people are looking to pave an easier path to citizenship for immigrants. When it comes to immigrants being granted citizenshipin America, the two opposing sides are clashing fiercely, which is leading to stalling on both sides.

California paves the road for immigration law changes

The battle for changes in immigration law is something that affects many in Riverside. In fact, all across California, people may find themselves directly affected or may know someone who is directly affected by the current immigration system and the changes that might be made to it. California is considered by some to be a pioneer in immigration law reform due to the high number of noncitizens living there. However, the changes being made in California might also start to shape and change the rest of the U.S. as well.

New Californian noncitizen rights cause friction

Many in Riverside may know an undocumented immigrant. This is because illegal immigration is higher in California than in any other state, making immigrants without documentation a large portion of the population. Because of this, reforms to immigration law have been made already. More changes are also being discussed, making immigration law reform a hot topic.

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