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California paves the road for immigration law changes

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California paves the road for immigration law changes

The battle for changes in immigration law is something that affects many in Riverside. In fact, all across California, people may find themselves directly affected or may know someone who is directly affected by the current immigration system and the changes that might be made to it. California is considered by some to be a pioneer in immigration law reform due to the high number of noncitizens living there. However, the changes being made in California might also start to shape and change the rest of the U.S. as well.

There has been a huge outpouring of support for U.S. immigration law changes in California as of late. This is why some people may consider California as “the model” for the rest of the nation to follow when it comes to updating and changing our immigration laws. There is heavy backlash against proposed measures such as the Secure Communities program and the Trust Act. Those against these laws believe that it creates a gap between the police and the undocumented immigrant community that should not exist.

There is also an outpouring of support for equal rights despite legal status. This is reflected in California’s AB 60 and AB 1024 which would allow for immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses and practice law, respectively. Supporters of these measures believe that it will make the roads and workplaces safer for everyone. AB 60 recently passed and AB 1024 is reportedly expected to pass as well.

The support for bills like these and the passing of these bills may be setting the bar for the rest of the country. However, many still struggle with immigration issues in the meantime. If you find yourself in need of legal immigration counseling, it may be wise to consult an attorney.

Source: Huffington Post, “California’s Immigration Reforms May Affect the Rest of the U.S.”, Sep. 25, 2013

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