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Opinions split over renewed resolve to pursue immigration reform

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Opinions split over renewed resolve to pursue immigration reform

Those in Riverside may have taken note recently of the many battles to reform immigration law that have been happening both in their immediate area and in the state on a whole. There is a large faction of people supporting this reform in Southern California in specific, meaning that many citizens are affected to some degree by matters of immigration and the changes people are seeking.

Recent talk of a refocus on reform has had some of those supporters torn. While some believe that the promise will not fix anything within the next year, or possibly even within the next two years, others are optimistic and hopeful. Some also believe that the recent shut down will make lawmakers and Republicans reluctant to compromise on immigration changes.

Concerns over the budget have also been voiced. Many are concerned that the shutdown will take immigration issues off of the table for a while because lawmakers need to play catch-up in order to make up for the time that has been lost. On the other hand, there are many who also believe that Obama’s word could be a sign of change to come.

On a whole, immigration reform is something that many groups continue to push toward. In the meantime, many people are struggling with the current immigration laws in order to gain citizenship. It can be a time consuming and difficult battle, so if you are facing similar circumstances, you may find it beneficial to seek the aid of an immigration attorney.

Source: Southern California Public Radio, “The president vows to act: But is it too late for immigration reform?”, Leslie Berestein Rojas, Oct. 18, 2013

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