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Keeping the American dream alive

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Keeping the American dream alive

For almost the entirety of its existence as a country, people around the world have dreamt of coming to America to make a better life for themselves. Between our efforts at U.S. Law Center here in California and your vision as an employer, we believe that we can continue to foster that dream for generations to come.

Our practice involves a multi-stage support system that empowers your ability to secure and retain the best talent around the world in fields as diverse as government, defense, tech, research and medicine. Please continue to read on for a brief overview of how we aim to make the process of hiring from overseas easier.

It is no secret that immigration law is a hot button, political issue. This climate leads to frequent changes that could affect the lives of your employees and the ability you have to hire from out of the country. That is why the first step we take towards our immigration practice is to stay updated on all changes and potential changes to policy, practice and law.

It is our commitment to support our clients in the most appropriate and efficient way possible. To do this, we advise on a number of different types of immigration procedures. This includes immigrant visas, nonimmigrant work visas, citizenship and so forth.

Regardless of whether you are hiring on a project basis or you intend to retain your out of country employees over the long term, some of them may have goals of attaining U.S. citizenship. We attempt to make the path forward for this effort as clear as possible.

Immigration is really quick or simple, but we believe that our application of knowledge, care and tenacity often makes the process easier for you and your employees. Please continue on to our main website to read more.

Making Immigration Law Work For You

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