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How closing the Mexican border might affect California

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How closing the Mexican border might affect California

If President Trump acts on his threat to close the border between the U.S. and Mexico, it will undoubtedly affect those seeking immigration between the two countries. What you might not realize is that a border closing will have an impact on California businesses as well.

recent news report indicates that many of the state’s residents are concerned about a potential border closure. They feel this way because such a closure will affect the state’s economy as well as the economy of the entire nation. Slowing or stopping illegal immigration is the primary goal of a border closure, but how far should such measures go before they harm the nation’s natural citizens? The news report indicates that the following issues could arise if the border is closed.

  • Trade between the U.S. and Mexico may cease, meaning that many of the products Californians rely on will no longer be available.
  • Many people will lose their jobs, meaning that families may face severe financial hardships.
  • California companies partnered with manufacturing facilities in Mexico may need to look elsewhere in order to stay afloat.
  • U.S. residents who fill seasonal positions in Mexico may experience difficulty reentering California and other states.
  • Tourism between Mexico and California would slow or stop, leading to massive financial losses for California businesses.

Immigration is not just about people from foreign nations looking for a better life. A legal and orderly flow of residents traveling and working between the two nations encourages mutually beneficial business enterprises. If the border closes, it is reasonable to expect increased hardships for immigrants and natural residents alike.

Seeking legal entry into America can improve relations between America and Mexico. Please consider consulting with an attorney if you are interested in permanent residency in the U.S.

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