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How can I deal with stress after emigrating?

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How can I deal with stress after emigrating?

Stress can be caused by many different circumstances. This is especially pertinent for people who’ve emigrated to the U.S. from another country, who may experience stress about their new living situation or the legal hurdles associated with the immigration process. Because stress can impact both your mental and physical health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer the following advice.

Talking with people you care about can be a great way to relieve stress. Along with friends and family, you can also talk to others in your community about the issues you’re facing. Simply getting worries off your chest can have a profound impact, while also helping you identify healthy coping mechanisms for the future. If problems are becoming worse or you feel you’re experiencing symptoms of depression, consider speaking with a professional counselor or therapist for professional assistance.

It can be easy to fall into substance abuse when life is causing you stress. Keep in mind that alcohol and drugs will only make your issues worse. They can strain interpersonal relationships, while also causing legal issues or problems with employment. If you feel compelled to use substances to mitigate stress, look for healthy coping mechanisms.

In the same token, taking care of your physical health can also have a positive impact on your mental well-being. Regular exercise can help decrease stress and improve energy levels. The same can be said of eating well-balanced meals composed of lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fruits and vegetables. Finally, make sure you’re getting enough sleep each night. If you need to take a break for a few days, ask your employer for some time off.

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