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Divorce and your immigration status

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Divorce and your immigration status

There are a number of considerations to mull over if you are thinking about a divorce or you have already begun the process. Aside from legal issues which involve your finances or your children, you may also need to consider the potential implications of ending your marriage with respect to your immigration status. We understand that this can be exceptionally stressful, and unfortunately, some people have felt stuck or trapped in toxic marriages because they are worried about the consequences of ending their marriage regarding their immigration status.

Marriages come to an end for a plethora of reasons, and unfortunately there is a stereotype that some people who move to other countries and get married do so for immigration advantages. However, this is most certainly not always true, and many hard-working people have had their lives turned completely upside down because of a toxic marriage. For example, someone who may have moved to the U.S. to look for work may have gotten married to a U.S. citizen who they thought they were in love with. Later on, they may be subjected to spousal abuse but feel stuck in the marriage because they will suffer negative consequences with regard to immigration issues if they decide to file for a divorce.

When many people approach their divorce, they consult a family law attorney, but it may be helpful to turn to a legal professional who specializes in immigration if you are unsure whether your immigration status will be affected by divorce. This may also help if you have any other divorce-related questions regarding immigration.

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