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Monthly Archives: September 2019

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Monthly Archives: September 2019

What religious rights to U.S. citizens have?

Immigrants to the U.S. often come to this country in search of greater freedoms than…

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Immigrants increasingly fearful of using public benefits

A forthcoming change to the “public charge” rule may affect as many as 2 million…

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What are the process priorities for refugees?

Refugees are people who face the fear of persecution in their home countries. In order to…

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Annual limits only apply to certain types of family visas

If you are a natural-born citizen, a naturalized citizen or legal resident of the United…

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How do I renew a green card?

A permanent citizen card, also known as a green card, shows that you have the…

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Deportation and overwhelming emotions

When people are facing the threat of deportation, they may be working through a lot…

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How can I adjust to life in the U.S.?

Along with the many practical legal considerations involved in immigrating to the U.S., immigrants must also…

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