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San Bernardino Motion to Vacate Lawyer

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San Bernardino Motion to Vacate Lawyer

Immigrants in San Bernardino who have been charged and convicted of crimes may find themselves in a threatening position in which their immigration status is at risk, or they may be facing deportation or removal Orders. A San Bernardino motion to vacate lawyer from U.S. Law Center can help you work through the criminal justice or immigration system to challenge your charges and have them revisited in court. Those convicted of certain crimes may have the decision completely reversed.

At U.S. Law Center, our immigration lawyers are committed to serving immigrants in San Bernardino and surrounding areas. Our legal team understands the extra hurdles that documented and undocumented immigrants have to go through to secure their rights, as well as the double standards that are often applied to them.

Therefore, we leverage our vast knowledge and extensive experience to design and implement legal strategies, such as filing a motion to vacate, in order to protect the rights of Californians so that they can stay in the country and pursue their goals.

How Can a San Bernardino Motion to Vacate Lawyer Help Me?

If you have been charged with certain crimes and found guilty, then you may be facing immigration consequences, such as potentially having your green card renewal application rejected or being ineligible to start the naturalization process. Furthermore, you could be facing the threat of deportation or removal. A compassionate San Bernardino motion to vacate lawyer from U.S. Law Center can help you with your case by doing the following, including:

  • Analyzing Your Former Case Proceedings. By looking at your former immigration proceedings or criminal case, an immigration lawyer can determine whether your due process rights or other laws were breached. They can also assess the legality of the final rulings. Furthermore, your lawyer can determine whether case circumstances have recently changed or if new evidence came up that was not formerly considered.
  • Reopening Your Case. By analyzing all aspects of your former case, including the legality of the process, the evidence considered, and the context of your decision with respect to state and federal law, an immigration lawyer from our San Bernardino firm can file a Motion to Vacate on your behalf. This will reopen your case so that you can have a just and fair trial.
  • Advocating on Your Behalf. During your new trial, an immigration lawyer can present sound legal arguments and strong evidence on your behalf, helping you get an optimal outcome this time around. They can consider the immigration implications of your criminal case as well.
  • Carrying Out Negotiations. Depending on whether your case is reopened in criminal court or immigration court, a San Bernardino motion to vacate lawyer can negotiate with prosecutors to have your charges reduced or even dropped, or they can work with the judge to minimize sentencing.
  • Considering Appeals. If your new case still does not yield ideal outcomes, an immigration lawyer can work to exhaust other options on your behalf, such as filing for an appeal.

Overall, by working with a motion to vacate lawyer who is highly experienced in both criminal defense and immigration law, you can pursue optimal outcomes in legal proceedings that were unfairly carried out in the past. A motion to vacate attorney can help you by championing your case and ensuring that legal processes are carried out correctly the next time around.


Q: How Can I File a California Motion to Vacate?

A: Filing a motion to vacate in San Bernardino and other cities in California is a process that can vary greatly depending on the nature of your case, including whether you are filing a motion to vacate a judge’s decision in immigration court or in criminal court. An experienced and knowledgeable motion to vacate lawyer can help you submit your motion to vacate on time, helping you through all of the critical steps to do so.

Q: How Long Do I Have to File My Motion to Vacate in California?

A: If you are filing a motion to vacate with the California criminal courts, then you must submit all of the paperwork to do so within 30 days. However, if you are filing a motion to vacate in federal immigration court or federal criminal court, you will have different procedural deadlines. Due to the sensitive and urgent nature of appealing an unjust decision, it is critical to work with a lawyer as soon as possible if you plan to file a motion to vacate.

Q: Can I Vacate a Conviction in California?

A: Yes, you can attempt to vacate a conviction in California if you believe that your case did not follow certain legal requirements or procedures, such as respecting your right to due process.

If newly discovered evidence arises, you believe that your constitutional rights were violated, or if there was a legal error, for example, this could be grounds for vacating a conviction in California. An experienced attorney can help you understand whether your case has grounds for a motion to vacate.

Q: What Does It Mean for a Court to Vacate a Decision?

A: By vacating a decision, a court is setting aside or nullifying an existing decision based on various reasons, including legal process errors, emerging new evidence, or other facets that call into question the legality of the prior decision.

If a decision is vacated for a criminal case, the individual who was initially charged may no longer have a criminal record and, therefore, may no longer face certain consequences, such as those pertaining to immigration. However, the case will begin again from scratch.

Work With a Loyal San Bernardino Motion to Vacate Lawyer to Pursue Justice

Everyone has the right to a fair trial, with ample time to demonstrate their side of the argument and submit all relevant evidence. A San Bernardino motion to vacate attorney from U.S. Law Center can help you open your case back up, work to alter a decision, or remove a criminal conviction from your record. Together, we can fight for a better case outcome this time around. Get in contact with our compassionate team to begin today.

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