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What To Do If Picked Up For Immigration Violations

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What To Do If Picked Up For Immigration Violations

The lawyers at U.S. Law Center, a Southern California immigration law firm, provide immigration law services globally to corporations, small businesses, families and individuals. Our success can be attributed to our understanding of U.S. immigration law and how its evolving nature affects our clients.

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Even as an illegal immigrant in the United States, you have certain protections. For example:

  • You do not need to let immigration officials into your home. Unless they have your consent, they must have a warrant.
  • You must be allowed to speak with a lawyer and to see an immigration judge.

If you are detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), you have the option of contacting ICE officials. In some cases, our lawyers have been able to free individuals from detention through Intensive Supervision & Alternative Programs (ISAP), an electronic monitoring system. This program allows people to work and live at home, but return for check-ins. If admission to ISAP is not an option, a bond hearing is available. If the judge allows you to post bond, you can continue living at home while the case proceeds.

It is important to know your rights. Our immigration attorneys can help you understand your options and offer advice on what is best in your circumstances.

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