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USCIS announces new app for those seeking replacement green cards

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USCIS announces new app for those seeking replacement green cards

One way for immigrants living in Corona, California to remain in the United States legally is to obtain a green card. However, should that green card expire or become lost or damaged, applying for a replacement card will be necessary. At US Law Center, we know how important it is to you to have valid proof of your status as a permanent resident.

According to its website, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has now made replacing your green card much easier thanks to a new mobile form that has been released. You can register for an online account at no cost. The process for applying for a new green card entails filling out form I-90, which you can then do from your mobile device. Your account allows you to send secure messages to USCIS and to track the status of your application.

The mobile system was designed to be more personalized by narrowing down the questions to ones that only apply to you and eliminating others that are unnecessary. The application process also involves submitting documentation to back up your information. Mobile access means that you can take pictures of those documents with your phone and upload them directly with your application.

While many people have embraced technology and will likely welcome this new method of application, it is still acceptable to submit your application the old-fashioned way, via paper. In addition, anyone who is completing their application with the assistanace of an attorney will need to use the regular online method and not the mobile form. For more information on becoming a legal permanent resident, please visit our web page.

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