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The new California governor stands against immigration hype

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The new California governor stands against immigration hype

The new governor of California, Democrat Gavin Newsom, took over the office in January 2019. The state has been watching the actions of Gov. Newsom to see how he will approach the issues plaguing the state’s immigrants. As you might expect, the governor has been making headlines for his stance on these matters.

Recently, Gov. Newsom announced that he will call back most of the 360 National Guard personnel assigned to the border between California and Mexico. The former governor deployed these troops during his time in office. Mr. Newsom said that it was difficult for the troops to distinguish between simple illegal border crossings and more nefarious activities involving drugs and guns.

Initially, the governor planned to recall all of the troops but he changed his mind after listening to reports from cabinet members. In the end, Gov. Newsom decided to leave 100 troops in place to guard against the very real problems associated with drug trafficking.

The governor also made several comments about the presidential administration’s take on immigration. Calling it the “theater of the absurd,” Gov. Newsom stated clearly that California will no longer participate in the politics and the hype surrounding these matters.

In the governor’s recent state of the state address, he made several additional comments about the federal government’s current stance toward immigration. Specifically, he called the recent border emergency declaration a “manufactured crisis” while accusing the President of fear-mongering.

By making statements indicating that he wants xenophobia and nativism to end, it seems as if immigrants are off to a good start under the new state leadership. At the same time, the risk of deportation still exists for California immigrants despite the governor’s stance. Those who are facing deportation may find a solution to preserve their citizenship by speaking with an attorney.

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