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Students at Californian University may soon be getting financial help

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Students at Californian University may soon be getting financial help

To people living in Riverside, immigration law reform may be one of the biggest hot button issues currently going on. Even the president has recently weighed in, stating that he would be renewing the pursuit for reformation of the current immigration system.

Following along those lines, the president of the University of California has recently pledged a reported $5 million for undocumented immigrant students. The president has claimed that she is making an investment in the future by making this move due to the fact that any student will be a contributing member of society after graduating. Though there has been some criticism from those who question her qualifications as president, she stands by her decision with determination.

She has reportedly called this a “down payment” to work as a piece of evidence proving their commitment to the people of California, no matter what their status is. An additional $10 million has been pledged by her as well in order to train and recruit graduate students. The initial $5 million is going toward financial aid and counseling for undocumented citizens who might be attending the university.

Though some claim she is doing this simply to ease the fear of critics, it is still a potential step forward in the onward struggle for equality and an easier path to citizenship. Getting the necessary aid can be a difficult task for people who do not have this kind of support, though. If you are an undocumented immigrant struggling with schooling or similar issues, it may be beneficial to seek the advice of an attorney.

Source: Enterprise Record, “New University of California president pledges $5M to aid students living in the US illegally”, Oct. 31, 2013

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