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Seek help to understand green card eligibility requirements

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Seek help to understand green card eligibility requirements

By necessity, many of those wishing to immigrate to the United States understand some of the requirements associated with green cards and visas. However, as immigration attorneys based in California, we have learned that these individuals still do not understand everything they need to know before applying for a green card. If this sounds like you, please don’t feel bad. Immigration is an extremely complicated matter, especially in the political climate of 2019.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to talk about all of the requirements that immigrants must meet when trying to acquire green cards and visas in a simple blog post. Instead, we thought we would make a partial list of the different categories through which you can apply for a green card. Once you have identified the category that matches your situation, we urge you to seek legal counsel in order to strengthen your chances of meeting the eligibility requirements for permanent residency.

  • Through family: Those with family living and working as productive members of American society may be able to use this as a basis to acquire green cards and visas.
  • Through employment: If you are a skilled worker with a work opportunity in the U.S. it is often possible to acquire a green card or a visa via your employment.
  • Refugees or those seeking asylum: America is known for championing those suffering from persecution in other nations. This category is ideal for those in need of asylum.
  • Human trafficking and victims of crime: If you were a victim of crime, abuse or human trafficking, the nation may accept you as a citizen.

Because these are not the only available options for those seeking green cards and visas, we hope you will continue to learn as much as you can about coming to America. A great place to start is to continue reading the information on our website.

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