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Republicans reportedly begin to form coherent reform proposal

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Republicans reportedly begin to form coherent reform proposal

When it comes to those in Riverside who support the immigration community, spirit and determination are both high. However, with all of the waffling that the House has done regarding immigration law, there might actually be reason to keep that determination now that it’s finally settled down.

Possibly due to the large amount of pressure that the immigration population and immigrant rights activists have been applying to politicians lately, the Republicans could be singing a new tune. The House representative has said recently that Republicans of the House could have a deal on the table for immigration related reform before the election term, which are big words, considering the speculation about Republicans delaying any action for the same reason.

In an attempt to make deportation less harmful for the immigration populace, many people are arguing that the laws that regulate immigration need to be made more humanely. This includes laws having a larger focus on families and keeping them from being split up, as well as an emphasis on American values that include things like human dignity.

However, there is still no solid word yet on whether or not the Republicans will actually make a move regarding immigration, or if they are planning on waiting out another election term before deciding to start with immigration reformation again. Due to their track record, many are skeptical, leading some to say that immigrants should try getting their green cards the old fashioned way in the interim. If you are an immigrant in the same situation, you may wish to contact an attorney.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, “Homeland Security Chief Stresses Families in Immigration,” Sarah Portlock, Apr. 27, 2014

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