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Positive facts about immigration in America

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Positive facts about immigration in America

It may go without saying that the current climate in the United States makes immigration more difficult for those wishing to have a better life. However, it is still possible to gain lawful entry into the country and become a valued member of the population. Not every person in America sees immigration from a negative viewpoint. On the contrary, many U.S. born residents see immigration as a way to improve society and add rich diversity to the nation.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about immigration, but perhaps they should look at some facts on both sides of the debate before voicing these opinions. You need not look far to see the perceived negative side of foreign migrants seeking permanent residency in America. Open a newspaper or look online, and you will find a multitude of information. However, the positive aspects of immigration are a little more elusive. Below you will find four facts showing how immigration has helped to shape the U.S. into the great nation that it is.

  • Contrary to popular belief, immigration does not mean a higher crime rate
  • Immigrants are twice as likely to hold doctorates as are those born in the nation
  • Immigration to the U.S. grows and improves the national economy
  • Immigrants, especially those with high skills, make valuable contributions to government finances

For those in California who oppose immigration, perhaps these facts will serve to soften your viewpoint or at least provide additional information. For those wishing to migrate to the U.S., maybe the information in this post will help you see that there are many who will welcome you to the nation. Please consider reaching out to an attorney for assistance reaching your immigration goals.

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