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Obama announces plans for immigration system overhaul

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Obama announces plans for immigration system overhaul

Since Riverside has such a heavy immigrant population, many people in the area are aware of the different dangers that the current immigration system can pose to immigrants. However, the number one concern, deportation, may soon become less of a threat.

While potential executive action regarding immigration reform has been a hot button issue for many months, Obama has recently stated that he will be taking that path and making changes to the immigration system by his own executive power. He has taken measures to make his action as unobtrusive as possible, which could potentially be a downside for some immigrants including farm workers and parents of Dreamers. These groups will be receiving no extra protection under executive action due to the controversy surrounding both.

On the positive side, it has been estimated that around 5 million undocumented immigrants will be able to fit the new criteria, allowing them to avoid deportation. New criteria will include taking the immigrant’s family ties into consideration, as well as the duration of their stay within the U.S. While an estimated 4 million immigrants will be able to find protection under this new set of criteria, it has also been stated that another 1 million may be able to find reprieve through additional means.

Immigrants that have been living in fear of deportation may find this a good opportunity to celebrate the potential change in the tide of immigration politics. However, there are still many immigrants who may be threatened with deportation in the interim or who may be suffering under the currently unchanged system. Immigrants in that situation may benefit from contacting an attorney.

Source: Politico, “Obama to shield 5 million from deportation,” Nov 19, 2014

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