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Is it difficult to get a nonimmigrant work visa to America?

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Is it difficult to get a nonimmigrant work visa to America?

Difficult may actually be the wrong word to describe the process of acquiring nonimmigrant work visas. The process is quite complicated, which may make it feel difficult, but the word “complex” is a better way to describe this procedure. Working with an immigration attorney can make it easier to acquire a work visa because your lawyer can assist you throughout the process.

California and many other American states still welcome workers from other countries. However, acquiring nonimmigrant work visas does require a bit of effort. First, you must decide which type of visa meets your needs. Your prospective employer must also contribute by filing a petition with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). USCIS must approve the employer’s petition before you can apply for your visa.

Once the petition gains approval, you will need to complete several steps. Typically, these steps include:

  • Completing the online application
  • Uploading a recent photo of yourself
  • Scheduling an interview (not always required)
  • Pay the fee associated with your visa
  • Collect the necessary documentation (examples below):
  1. Your printed visa application
  2. Your passport
  3. A copy of the photo you uploaded
  4. Your receipt number
  • Attend your work visa interview if required

You should also know that you may need to complete other steps and gather additional documentation before your nonimmigrant work visa gains approval.

All of this seems overwhelming to first-time applicants, but there is good news. It is not difficult to get legal assistance when you are seeking a work visa. This ensures that you make no errors that will delay your visa or result in a denial. Please consider reaching out for help if you are planning to join the American workforce.

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