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Immigration reform continues facing hurdles after executive action

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Immigration reform continues facing hurdles after executive action

Residents in Riverside may be paying close attention to the current situation of the immigration situation. While many agree that U.S. immigration law is out of date and needs to be changed, no consensus has been reached, which has reportedly forced Obama’s hand. In doing so, a path to easier citizenship may soon be open.

Obama recently caused shockwaves to ripple through the immigration community due to his decision to use executive action to change the current immigration system. Unfortunately, those shockwaves have also spread to opponents of the change, including 17 states that have decided to challenge this executive measure in court. The lawsuit argues that Obama has overstepped his bounds as president and that the move he has made is, at its core, unconstitutional.

On the other side of the argument, the White House claims that Obama’s actions fall entirely within the scope of his legal range of movement and that nothing he’s done has overstepped his set boundaries. Prosecutorial discretion allows him to take the actions that he’s chosen, according to supporters. Those actions could result in the protection of up to 5 million immigrants who are currently at risk for deportation.

However, while opposition still fights against the President’s attempt at amending the current immigration system, there is no guarantee that the protection against deportation will work as hoped. Any immigrants who currently feel they are at risk for deportation may wish to contact an attorney and discuss opportunities for citizenship or green card applications in the meantime.

Source: LA Times, “17 states sue to stop Obama’s immigration plan,” Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Dec 3, 2014

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