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Immigrants caught in limbo while both sides of reform protest

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Immigrants caught in limbo while both sides of reform protest

Though there have been plenty of recent victories for the immigration community in Riverside, reform continues to be stalled. When it comes to U.S. immigration law and the controversy it represents, many people find themselves on opposing sides with equally strong opinions to share.

There are strong sentiments on both sides of the argument and each side has been vocal recently. Reportedly there are several Republican representatives who believe that their refusal to budge on reformative action is the best path. It was reported that some believe too much leeway for immigrants could essentially amount to removing any penalties for undocumented citizens, which could make it impossible to dissuade people from moving into the country through illegal means.

On the other side of the fence, there are reportedly many people who think that this train of thought is callous and dehumanizing toward immigrants. One man even stated that he found the Republican attempt at reformative compromise to be flimsy at best. Many seem to believe that major issues were left unaddressed in the initial attempt at compromise and may be left feeling sour after House Republicans have continued to stall even in implementing those.

The glacial pace that immigration reform tends to move at is disheartening at best and can be damaging to immigrants at worst due to the deportation system moving faster than the reform efforts. Because of this particular problem, it may be beneficial for anyone facing immigration-related issues to seek an experienced attorney for additional legal aid.

Source: National Journal, “How Everyone Is Trying to Sway the Immigration Debate,” Elahe Izadi, Jan. 31, 2014

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