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Helping families through the immigration process

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Helping families through the immigration process

For some people, dealing with family immigration matters can be particularly stressful. Whether someone wants to reunite with their spouse, sibling or child, people who are in this position usually want to do everything they can to ensure that the immigration process moves forward smoothly. However, some people in Corona and throughout California are not aware of how immigration laws can affect them and have no idea of which steps to take next. At U.S. Law Center, we work hard to help people who are going through this understand their options and identify the best path forward.

When it comes to family immigration, many people are able to secure a marriage-based visa, such as a K-1 visa or K-3 visa. Others are able to secure visas for their loved ones through preference-based visas, which can be granted to the child, spouse or sibling of a U.S. citizen. From understanding which course of action is appropriate to filing a petition for immigration, there are a wide variety of questions and concerns that people who are in this position often have. As a result, it is important for those who are trying to work towards an ideal outcome to ensure that they thoroughly review the ins and outs of their situation and are well aware of every option.

Our law firm understands the importance of bringing families together and is committed to assisting people with various immigration issues. Please visit our page on family immigration if you would like to take a closer look at how we can help our clients obtain a K-visa or preference-based visa.

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