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Green card process for broadcasters

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Green card process for broadcasters

Those who work as broadcasters may decide to make southern California their home. However, if they are foreign nationals working for the United States Agency for Global Media, they may wish to apply for a green card to become permanent residents along with their spouse and children.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, defines the term of a broadcaster to include a myriad of media categories, such as writer, editor, announcer, news analyst, broadcast host and reporter. There are 100 visas issued annually to those in the broadcast profession; however, that amount does not include spouses or children under 21 years of age.

The process of obtaining permanent residency varies between those who are already U.S. residents and those who do not already live here. However, all green card applicants are required to submit the required forms and identifications to initiate the process, starting with form I-360. Once the I-360 is approved, applicants follow up with an I-485 and supporting documents that include additional forms as well as the required fees. Those who live outside the U.S. will have their I-360 forwarded to the U.S. Department of State for further evaluation and processing.

According to USCIS, those applying for permanent residency and authorization to work in the US who have a pending I-485 may be able to travel outside of and return to the U.S. Whether one is an individual applying for permanent resident status or a company looking to hire a foreign national, the immigration process may appear daunting. Those trying to gain permanent residency within the U.S. may find themselves overwhelmed by the forms, applications and identification needed to initiate and continue with the process. Also, the procedure differs according to the reasons for entry as well as the professions of those who apply.

Immigration and naturalization law can be perplexing for those who wish to move to the U.S., so it may be important to reach out to an attorney who has in-depth knowledge of the law. An experienced attorney may be able to help those who have previously tried to gain permanent entry into the U.S. but have failed.

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