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FAQs about the future of DACA

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FAQs about the future of DACA

Earlier this month, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made an announcement that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program put into place by the Obama administration may be coming to an end under the Trump administration. Recipients of the program, known as dreamers, met this decision with outrage, anguish and fear. However, since the announcement, the future of DACA has become even more confusing.

If you have heard about President Donald Trump making a deal with Democrats to save DACA, you probably have a lot of questions. Here is what we know about this development so far.

Was any deal actually made?

Senator Chuck Schumer, Representative Nancy Pelosi and President Trump have all confirmed they are working on a deal to protect undocumented dreamers from deportation. While the exact details of any potential deal are not set in stone, Trump has made it clear he is not considering offering amnesty or citizenship to these people but simply allowing them to stay in the country. Speaker Paul Ryan made it clear that any talks between Trump and these Democratic leaders was simply a discussion and they did not make any concrete agreement, according to CNN.

What about the wall?

Trump has long promised to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border in an attempt to prevent illegal immigration. There is some speculation that Trump might want funding for the wall in exchange for a legislative solution to DACA. The Democratic leadership has been staunchly opposed to discussing anything relating to building the wall. Trump, however, has stated that the wall is absolutely vital and that he will not let Democrats stop him from having it built.

What is the future of DACA?

It remains unclear what exactly will happen to the DACA program. Congress may be able to pass the DREAM Act, which is a bipartisan immigration bill that would provide protection for dreamers. However, it is still possible that Congress will not act and the DACA program will end in six months.

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