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Diversity could help Californian Latinos move forward

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Diversity could help Californian Latinos move forward

As residents of Riverside are aware, the issues around gaining a green card are currently facing a lot of debate and the potential for change. All immigration-related issues are getting a closer look now that the trouble with Congress has died down. However, some are concerned that the disorganization within the Latino population is doing more harm than good.

Despite this opinion, there are others who hold a strong belief that Latinos actually hold a diversity that could change the way politics are looked at. Instead of having one appointed leader, or one person speaking for many voices, it has been stated that Latino politics focus more on an open format sort of system in which everyone’s voice has an equal chance of being heard.

This could potentially aid immigration issues due to the fact that the Latino political system is set up to have multiple opinions be heard and considered in a relatively equal way. Some believe that this is exactly what is needed in the current discussions that are going on in relation to paving a better path toward citizenship that is accessible to all immigrants who qualify. Despite the fact that over 64% of Latinos cannot pinpoint one central leader, the argument that this may be for the best could be considered strong.

Despite this, there are still many things to work out. If you are having issues with obtaining a green card or other immigration-related problems, an attorney with experience in immigration may help you greatly.

Source: Huffington Post, “Latino Leadership Follows A New Model”, Juana Bordas, Nov. 27, 2013

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