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Detainees’ rights at stake as case ordered to be reheard

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Detainees’ rights at stake as case ordered to be reheard

Not every immigrant who comes to live in Riverside County may be able to remain in the United States. Some people may not meet the criteria needed to qualify for asylum, while others who are in California legally may be faced with deportation if they are convicted of a crime. At US Law Center, we understand how scary and intimidating it can be when being forced to leave the country is a real possibility.

People who are facing deportation are often held in a federal detention center until a court reaches a decision as to whether or not removal will be enforced. According to KQED, a case is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court that deals with the issue of how long people waiting for a decision may remain in federal custody. A federal court in California had previously ruled that people who were not a significant flight risk or danger to society should be released on bond after six months.

Ordering the case to be re-heard may signal that the justices were split down the middle on the issue. However, re-hearing the case will allow new Justice Neil Gorsuch to benefit from hearing oral arguments before rendering his decision on the matter, thus breaking any existing tie. The plaintiff in this case was detained for three years.

Each year, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detains 400,000 immigrants. Court decisions can take a long time to be rendered and remaining in custody while awaiting your fate can be extremely difficult. For more information on protecting your rights when deportation is on the line, please visit our web page.

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