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Deportation may drop once shackling stops

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Deportation may drop once shackling stops

Those in Riverside who have had to deal with immigration related issues know how devastating deportation risks can be. Even people dealing with family immigration can end up being split from their children or spouses and deported. This is part of why many people consider it important to reform how current immigration related issues are handled.

There is one problem in immigration courts that might be rectified shortly, and it involves the “inhumane” act of cuffing immigrants who are not able to pay their bonds. Immigrants are made to stand before their judge with ankle, wrist and waist shackles, which can send across the wrong message due to the fact that this sort of treatment is generally reserved for criminals who are dangerous to some degree. Even if the immigrant in question has no criminal record, there is a chance that they may be treated like one.

Some are even forced to show up in jumpsuits instead of clean civilian clothing, such as suits. This can put a hefty dent in their image and cause the jury to jump to conclusions that may lead more quickly to deportation. In order to prevent this sort of misconception from occurring, immigration courts in San Francisco are planning on discontinuing the practice for everyone’s peace of mind.

Despite this, shackling is still a practice that occurs in many different parts of the country. Because it is still a threat to any immigrant who goes to a deportation hearing, it is beneficial for the immigrant in question to have legal aid. If you are facing similar situations, seeking an attorney may be a beneficial idea.

Source: LA Times, “Shackling to end at San Francisco immigration court,” Cindy Chang, Jan. 23, 2014

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