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Deportation defense: Types of relief for immigrants

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Deportation defense: Types of relief for immigrants

Despite the American government’s current stance on immigrating to the United States and staying in the country, many people still want to start a new life here. While it is more difficult to gain entrance to the U.S. at this time, there are several ways those who are already here may gain permission to remain.

Improving the chances of acquiring permission to remain in America typically starts with finding an attorney knowledgeable about the current immigration laws. Together, you and your lawyer can explore all viable methods of avoiding removal from the country. This equips you to make the best decision for your unique situation. The list below contains several types of relief that many attorneys recommend to immigrants in California and other states.

Cancellation of removal

When this form of relief is granted during a deportation hearing, your current status will change from “deportable” to “lawfully admitted for permanent residence.”


If you and your lawyer can show a court that you need to stay in America because of past or potential future persecution in your origin nation, you may gain permission to remain.

Adjustment of status

Law-abiding immigrants may acquire this form of deportation relief, which changes their temporary nonimmigrant status to permanent resident.

Obviously, the descriptions in the above section have been simplified for ease of reading, but an attorney can explain these and other types of relief in more detail. The main takeaway is that options do exist that may facilitate your quest to stay in the United States as long as you do not give up on finding the right deportation defense.

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