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Democrats at risk of losing Latino and Asian support

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Democrats at risk of losing Latino and Asian support

Immigrants and activists in Riverside have likely been feeling the burn lately. As U.S. immigration law remains unchanged and attempts at reform are ignored repeatedly, many people have turned their attention toward Obama and his administration instead.

Pressure from all sides of the immigration issue have recently been coming to a boil as activists claim that Republicans are a lost cause on the immigration front and turn their full attention to Obama, who many criticize as being too slow to move and not bold enough to take executive action without support of the Congress. There is some concern that the Latino and Asian populations will begin to leave the Democratic vote behind on the upcoming election if they are not appeased.

However, Obama has stated that he refuses to act alone while there is still the chance for Congress to act, especially since the Republican House has threatened that any immigration cooperation will end if he tries to make a move by himself. Still, there are bitter sentiments among activists and immigrants alike as reform seems farther away and deportations rise to almost 2 million. Many believe that strong and immediate action is the only way for Obama to regain his footing in the eyes of the immigrants and immigration activists.

In the meantime, reform is still stalled and detainment and deportation are still big issues. For immigrants who are at risk of deportation or detainment, you may wish to contact an attorney for help through these murky legal waters.

Source: CBS8, “Immigration activists urge Obama to act boldly,” Apr. 15, 2014

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