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Delays in White House could result in more deportations

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Delays in White House could result in more deportations

Riverside County residents with ties to immigrants or residents who are immigrants themselves may be frustrated with the current government immigration stance. While many argue that U.S. immigration law needs to be changed, several hang-ups in the White House have kept any reform from going through.

There has been recent discussion regarding Obama’s immigration-related decisions as of late and whether or not they may be tied in with November elections. Speculation is running rampant about the hits that the Democratic Party might take if they decide to change the immigration system now, which some believe is enough to have the White House stalling for time.

However, arguments have been made to counter that. The Obama administration insists that they are holding off on making any changes to the deportation laws due to the fact that the recent flood of Southern American immigrants has put a huge amount of strain on the current system. There is not a lot of time to work things out, so rather than trying to fashion an entirely new system and get it to work immediately, deportations are being increased instead. This also targets those who made it into the U.S. before the immigration influx, but they are considered lower priority than the Southern American immigrants currently.

Despite the fact that reassurances have been made that the issues will be picked up again after election season, it has not left many immigrants or immigration activists feeling secure. For this reason, immigrants who are currently worried about the possibility of deportation may benefit from contacting an attorney rather than waiting for changes to be made.

Source: MyFOXla, “Obama Defends Decision To Delay Immigration Action,” Jeffrey Thomas DeSocio, Sep 8, 2014

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