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DACA and employment immigration

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DACA and employment immigration

On this blog, we have discussed many of the different challenges that arise for immigrants and those they love. Whether someone is pursuing citizenship or simply wants to visit the country as a tourist or to participate in a family event, people encounter immigration-related difficulties in many different ways. Recently, some people in Corona and across California have been extremely stressed out over changes that were announced with DACA. For those affected by this decision, life may change in many different ways.

Whether someone is enrolled in college or worried about leaving behind their friends and loved ones, DACA has created a considerable amount of stress for many people. Moreover, those who have jobs may be worried that they will lose their position and never be able to work in the country again. For those affected by this issue, it is essential to fully review all legal rights and try to carefully address any challenges that arise.

For those who are working in the U.S. and affected by DACA, it is important to carefully go over the ins and outs of the situation. Not only should people pay close attention to the expiration dates on their permits, but some people in this position should also realize that they may be able to apply to have their permit renewed. Employment immigrants face a wide variety of stressors and many are not sure of which course of action is smartest. On our U.S. immigration law page, you can read more related to immigrating for work.

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