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About 78,000 applications for naturalization are denied each year

About 650,000 green card holders in California and around the country are waiting for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to respond to their applications for naturalization, and many of them are likely to be disappointed when their paperwork is processed. Between 2009 and 2018, immigration authorities denied approximately 78,000 applications for naturalization each year. Applications are routinely denied because immigrants are unable to pass a civics test, they do not possess basic English language skills, or background checks uncover grounds for refusing U.S. citizenship.

What religious rights to U.S. citizens have?

Immigrants to the U.S. often come to this country in search of greater freedoms than they enjoyed in their countries of origin. One essential freedom is the freedom to practice the religion of your choosing, which is an important part of personal expression that this country holds in high regard. Understanding these rights is crucial, as it will allow you to address issues in your community. Tolerance.org offers the following advice. 

How do I renew a green card?

A permanent citizen card, also known as a green card, shows that you have the proper authority to live and work in the United States. Green cards must be renewed once every ten years or you run the risk of serious issues, including deportation. To ensure you're properly documented while in this country, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services offers the following advice. 

How to become a United States citizen

The American Dream is something that many immigrant residents of California aspire to. Most foreign citizens who live here legally begin the process of becoming a United States citizen by obtaining a green card. However, it is not the only way to gain citizenship. At U.S. Law Center we often assist clients in entering the U.S. and attaining citizenship.

What are my rights & responsibilities as a U.S. citizen?

Immigrants are an essential part of the history of the United States and have been since its founding. As a new citizen, it's crucial that you understand what is expected of you, as well as which rights you're afforded. The U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services explains the rights and responsibilities of all those who call America their home. 

Employers often abuse California immigrant workers

Families who come to the United States from other countries do so in hopes of obtaining a better life. The economy also relies on immigrants, who are especially prevalent in such fields as construction and agriculture. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous employers use tactics to take advantage of undocumented workers. It is important for immigrants in California and elsewhere to understand their employment rights.

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