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Avoid these mistakes when completing immigration paperwork

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Avoid these mistakes when completing immigration paperwork

The near constant policy changes have made the path to immigration harder than ever. Not to mention, increased wait times for court hearings and receiving a response on immigration paperwork. It is incredibly stressful time for those seeking a visa or a green card.

The last thing an immigrant wants is make a mistake on his or immigration paperwork. Here are some common mistakes that could cause your application to be rejected.

Not signing a document

Failing to sign any of the paperwork results in an automatic rejection. Double check every page of your forms, and consider having someone else look it over for you.

Use the current forms

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has a website where you can download the most current forms. You can fill in the information on a computer and then print the forms to mail in.

Use black ink and write clearly

All immigration forms must be filled in with black ink, and the handwriting must be easy to read. That is why filling in the forms electronically may be a good option.

Do not submit forms with corrections

According to the Miami Herald, it can be hard for USCIS scanners to read text that has been altered, crossed out or if you used correction fluid or tape. If you make a mistake, print off a new form and start over.

Include vital information on each form

Every form must have your name, date of birth and Alien number if you have one. It does not matter how many forms you fill out, make sure each one has this information.

Double check the fee

If you include the wrong fee with your application, your immigration petition will be denied. The USCIS website has a tool that helps you calculate the correct fees.

Get the correct address

If you send your forms to the wrong address, USCIS may reject or return your petition.

If you are worried about filling out your paperwork properly, you may consider consulting with an immigration attorney. An attorney can walk you through the process and create a long-term strategy that may help you become a legal resident of the United States.

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