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A look at green card holders and where they live

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A look at green card holders and where they live

If you are an immigrant living in Corona, California, you may wish to gain permanent residency and remain in the United States forever. A green card is a common way that many people accomplish this. At US Law Center, we understand that staying in the country is important to you and that having the proper credentials is crucial.

In light of the recent executive orders issued by President Donald Trump regarding immigration, green cards have been thrust into the spotlight. While initially green card holders from the seven countries identified in one order were barred from entering the country, it was later clarified that they would be allowed to enter the U.S., reports 24/7 Wall St. The executive order barring the entry of people from such Muslim-majority countries as Iraq, Iran and Syria has proven controversial. Many citizens are in favor of tightening controls at U.S. borders. However, no one from those countries has been responsible for a terror attack within the U.S. and people from those countries actually make up a very small percentage of the overall immigrant population.

Like many other people who come to live in the U.S., you likely chose to settle in an area where other foreigners also live. A recent study examined which states have the highest number of green card holders. The state with the fewest number of people with green cards is West Virginia. The highest number is New York. Perhaps not surprisingly, California was also near the top of the list, coming in at number four. In fact, when it comes to population, California actually has the highest percentage of immigrants at 27.4 percent.

Green cards allow holders to work and reside in the U.S. for as long as they choose. While they do allow you serve in the military, they do not grant the same privileges as full citizenship. For more information on becoming a permanent U.S. resident, please visit our web page.

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