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Monthly Archives: January 2020

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Monthly Archives: January 2020

Trump administration’s expanded public charge rule upheld

Immigrants in California need to be aware of a recent decision by the U.S. Supreme…

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About 78,000 applications for naturalization are denied each year

About 650,000 green card holders in California and around the country are waiting for U.S.…

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Is family-based visas an important topic to you?

It often takes years for those who are immigrants in California or elsewhere in the…

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Asylum seekers face difficulties in Mexico, immigration courts

Many people in California are deeply concerned about the changes made by the Trump administration…

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Provision gives some Liberians pathway to citizenship

Immigrants in California who came to the country from Liberia may be eligible for a…

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O-1 visas harder to get amid increased scrutiny

Foreign nationals who want to live and work in California or other states may be…

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