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H-4 spouses may lose work authorization sooner than expected

The United States is a country of citizens, immigrants and non-immigrants. With few exceptions, if you are a citizen or legal permanent resident, you may work for essentially any employer. That is, of course, not the case if you have many types of non-immigrant status.  For example, if you have an H-1B visa, you may only perform certain job duties at a specific place of employment. Spouses of those with H-1B status usually receive H-4 visas. Since 2015, if you have H-4 status and meet certain requirements, you may apply for a work permit. 

The psychological impact of separating immigrant families

People come to the United States to build a better life for their families. However, many immigrants find themselves separated from their families while awaiting decisions on deportation. This causes immense psychological strife that could have a lasting impact, according to the American Psychological Association

Employers often abuse California immigrant workers

Families who come to the United States from other countries do so in hopes of obtaining a better life. The economy also relies on immigrants, who are especially prevalent in such fields as construction and agriculture. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous employers use tactics to take advantage of undocumented workers. It is important for immigrants in California and elsewhere to understand their employment rights.

Do not forget to remove conditions on marriage-based residency

Becoming a permanent resident of the United States can take years of hard work. If you received your residency through marriage to a citizen, though, you may need to do additional work to preserve your status. That is, you may need to remove the conditions on your residency. 

Seeking asylum in America is a difficult process

In everyday conversations, many people in California may use the terms refugee and asylum seekers interchangeably. However, these two groups follow different immigration processes in America. Also, according to CNN, contrary to what many people may believe, the country with the highest number of asylum seekers in America is not Mexico, but China. However, Mexicans do receive the highest denial rate at 88% with Haiti following close behind at 86.1%

What are the eligibility requirements for naturalization?

The process of becoming eligible to be considered for naturalization in California is a unique method that allows you to prepare for permanent residency in the United States. If followed properly, you can simultaneously learn about America and become accustomed to the culture, as well as gradually meet the formal requirements that are listed as part of your quest to be granted permanent residency. 

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