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15,000 visas to become available for seasonal workers

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15,000 visas to become available for seasonal workers

While some people come to Riverside County from other countries to stay for an extended or permanent basis, others immigrate to the area in order to find temporary work. These types of workers provide vital services to companies that experience an influx of activity during certain times of the year. At US Law Center, we understand that having a full staff during busy seasons is essential to your business’s success.

Thanks to a new measure by the Department of Homeland Security, your business may soon able to take advantage of such seasonal workers. CNN reports that 15,000 H-2B visas will be available in coming days. This type of visa can be utilized by non-agricultural workers who can remain in the country on a temporary basis. In order to qualify, you will need to certify under oath that your business will suffer harm if you are unable to hire workers through this type of visa.

While this may spell good news for your company, some point out that the summer season is already well under way and it may be too late for many people to reap the benefits of the additional visas. Some are also questioning whether this announcement is in line with the Trump administration’s “America First” position. Foreign workers take jobs away from American workers and lead to stagnant wages, critics of immigration argue. However, many seasonal businesses are unable to find American workers to take on the jobs they have available.

Since only a limited number of seasonal worker visas will be offered, priority will be given to those who get their applications in the earliest. For more information on the requirements for hiring foreign seasonal workers, please visit our web page.

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